Newsmakers: Conversations with people making UN news

We have to put it on top of the global agenda. There's nothing more basic than hunger. It is the most severe face of poverty.20 September 2010

The response is never perfect. Disasters are by definition chaotic, disorderly events on which we are trying to impose a degree of order.31 August 2010

If UNESCO did not exist today, this would be the time to create it29 July 2010

The target should be to halve the proportion of people living in slums and squatter settlements.18 June 2010

If we stay vigilant, if we accomplish our goal this year, we are predicting zero deaths from or near-zero deaths from malaria by 201514 April 2010

I think everyone wants the same thing for Haiti – a strong Haiti, a sustainable Haiti and a Haiti that has a future for its children.25 February 2010

We can expect more extreme weather events, more water and more drought situations.20 November 2009

The Kyoto Protocol is being observed in its breach rather than adherence to the limits that were set.10 September 2009

I’m repeating over and over again that it is an illusion to believe that it is primarily military forces that can bring that conflict to an end.03 August 2009

That’s why the job is so fascinating, we are conducting trials but we are also learning how to prevent crimes.05 June 2009

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