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I cannot but be optimistic. I think the elections produced a new generation of leaders, with a new vision.11 July 2011

Libya was one of the great challenges for the Council during June.01 July 2011

At the end of the day, especially if you also look at other international tribunals, having indicted 161 persons during this period is an absolutely satisfactory result09 June 2011

The Security Council – despite nuances of perception, nuances that are legitimate – was able to maintain its unity.07 June 2011

In this sense publicity can sometimes help to keep attention going and that’s why I come every now and then to the Security Council and say "Hey, don’t forget Iraq!"08 April 2011

It is possible with education to change the way people behave and it is possible with treatment to change the behaviour of people who have drug dependence.28 March 2011

Afghans also know they need a foreign presence in order to not go back to the bad experience of the past. The challenge is finding the balance between respect for their sovereignty and a presence to help them22 March 2011

The beauty of the Earth creates enormous emotion, and through that emotion, you can transmit knowledge and raise consciousness.07 February 2011

Instead of talking about our differences, we should talk much more about the things we have in common22 December 2010

Sexual violence in conflict is a global scourge.11 November 2010

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