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The ultimate goal of every human individual, is happiness, so then it must be the responsibility of the state, or the government, to create those conditions that will enable citizens to pursue this value, this goal.02 April 2012

It’s not enough to keep talking on the basis of fixed positions; the solution must reflect a political will and concrete steps to move.25 January 2012

I have seen the strong power of partnerships. If we strengthen these partnerships among governments, business communities, civil organizations and philanthropists, then I think all these powerful partnerships can bring us towards the right direction.03 January 2012

We need to help migrants have a voice in the public arena so they can speak for themselves and talk about the contribution they are making.06 December 2011

The challenge in Somalia, as it has been in many other crises, is to keep hope alive.28 November 2011

If we expect a very effective role for the UN as a whole, we need to have a very efficient UN.10 October 2011

... even artists have not been able to replicate the creation out there, not only the stars but the nebula, the galaxies. It is unimaginable until you see it.04 October 2011

I think you have to look at Dag Hammarskjöld as Secretary-General as someone who had dedicated himself to – for him – the most important cause in the world22 September 2011

If you look at the whole history and picture of conflicts in Africa, frankly, in my own experience, I've never seen anything like it. If anything, it is even more challenging.20 September 2011

My main fear was a repeat of the tragedy of the '90s, when we had genocide in Rwanda, Bosnia, and Somalia.10 August 2011

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