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There will still be issues related to the insecurity in Mali and the refugee crisis, but the nutrition crisis can be contained if this funding continues at the rate that we’re seeing.19 July 2012

... it’s up to them, and their Government, to now make that independence lead to those dreams coming true, so that all South Sudanese feel that this country is a country that they are proud of, and that they are part of...06 July 2012

Every day was an honour for me and every handshake will remain a memory. I am privileged to have been given this opportunity.03 July 2012

… conducting your counter-terrorism strategies, operations and activities with an appropriate regard for human rights, treating people with dignity, and operating always within the rule of law, is actually a powerful enhancer of what you are doing.28 June 2012

Biodiversity is not just about the spiritual or the intrinsic value of all the amazing species that live on Earth. It is also about many, many of the fundamental pillars of our economy that are woven into biodiversity health.21 June 2012

Rio can deliver agreement on specific initiatives and commitments that can accelerate progress and advance well being.12 June 2012

I have been blessed with a meaningful and important and fascinating task over the past couple of years.04 June 2012

... it is a very difficult mission, possibly one of the most difficult we’ve ever had…25 May 2012

Strangely, it was exactly what bored me that at the same time excited me.10 May 2012

... the main focus should be on what are the good practices that we are promoting in countries to change this historical relationship of oppression against indigenous people.07 May 2012

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