Newsmakers: Conversations with people making UN news

We are witnessing a number of hotspots flaring up, and we believe that the United Nations is the only institution with the ultimate legitimacy to get involved and to try to resolve these conflicts.18 September 2012

We are often criticized but I think we are a reflection of the world as it is and not as we want it to be – but we have to bridge that gap, make sure the world becomes more of what we want it to be.27 August 2012

[20 August] will be the watershed between transition and transformation. By transformation I mean, stabilization of the country, new leadership, new plan, new ideology, new institutions, and a direction towards greater democracy in Somalia.17 August 2012

I think that, objectively, the security situation overall has improved and this is due to in part to the fact that UNAMID has become much more robust in its approach and in its protection of civilians.13 August 2012

There are a lot of modern-day ongoing misconceptions that need to be challenged, that need to be corrected.09 August 2012

... both Libyans and the international community are going to have to realize that building a state out of a legacy of 42 years of a regime that deliberately didn’t develop the institutions of a modern democracy is not a quick task06 August 2012

I see the role of the UN as supporting the Government and the people of Myanmar in a process that will lead them to a democratic and free society.30 July 2012

... the Conference marks the start of what I would call the beginning of the end of the epidemic, since we have the science and we know tangible results can be achieved by the countries themselves, thanks to national ownership strategies.23 July 2012

There will still be issues related to the insecurity in Mali and the refugee crisis, but the nutrition crisis can be contained if this funding continues at the rate that we’re seeing.19 July 2012

... it’s up to them, and their Government, to now make that independence lead to those dreams coming true, so that all South Sudanese feel that this country is a country that they are proud of, and that they are part of...06 July 2012

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