Newsmakers: Conversations with people making UN news

I had a wonderful time working for the UN. It was quite difficult sometimes, but it was what I wanted to do... I loved the job, I believed in it. I still believe in it.26 February 2013

Family planning is probably the most important intervention you can give to liberate a woman’s energy and life.19 February 2013

I have to speak for them. I have to make sure that their stories are told. I have to be able to make sure that they have the opportunity to rebuild their lives...01 February 2013

We have to get new donors into this endeavour. We’re not going to get the additional monies that we need from the donors that we currently have who are maxed out in many instances.14 January 2013

There is still a long way to go [in Myanmar]. There are still a lot of things that could go wrong. But I think, on the whole... it’s a glass half full rather than half empty.03 January 2013

Women, participating actively, will help find the best solutions for the challenges that the world is facing today, from the economic recovery to the food crisis, to the energy crisis, to climate change.03 December 2012

There is no evidence that to be prepared you need a lot of money. Some of the poorest countries in the world that are used to living with disasters have really made enormous progress.19 November 2012

We are witnessing a number of hotspots flaring up, and we believe that the United Nations is the only institution with the ultimate legitimacy to get involved and to try to resolve these conflicts.18 September 2012

We are often criticized but I think we are a reflection of the world as it is and not as we want it to be – but we have to bridge that gap, make sure the world becomes more of what we want it to be.27 August 2012

[20 August] will be the watershed between transition and transformation. By transformation I mean, stabilization of the country, new leadership, new plan, new ideology, new institutions, and a direction towards greater democracy in Somalia.17 August 2012

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