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Very simply, without a regional strategy there is no hope of development. With the regional strategy there is hope to link the Sahel to the new, promising Africa.27 June 2013

Working together, we can not only meet the crisis needs of those we serve, but we can build the resilience that is necessary to move the entire global community out of hunger in our lifetime.01 May 2013

The future of postal services is bright, contrary to what some people may think. In 2011, the postal services in the world processed 368 billion letters, and close to 6.4 billion parcels.15 April 2013

People feel very strongly that the international community has abandoned them, that we are not doing as much as we can to bring an end to the [Syria] crisis.28 March 2013

The conflict in Syria is a messy war; not just a very violent and tragic war for the civilian population. So, having the possibility to access people is our most urgent priority.14 March 2013

I think I’d like to be remembered as an exemplary international civil servant – if there is such a thing. No, take out exemplary. As a good international civil servant, because I think it’s very important.26 February 2013

Family planning is probably the most important intervention you can give to liberate a woman’s energy and life.19 February 2013

I have to speak for them. I have to make sure that their stories are told. I have to be able to make sure that they have the opportunity to rebuild their lives...01 February 2013

We have to get new donors into this endeavour. We’re not going to get the additional monies that we need from the donors that we currently have who are maxed out in many instances.14 January 2013

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