Newsmakers: Conversations with people making UN news

The objective of every peacekeeping mission is for the national authorities to take over the responsibilities to which the mission makes its contributions.16 April 2014

One of the most important things we can do in this Organization is to unite the international community so that countries speak with a single voice on crises. Then we have real power.19 March 2014

It is important that women celebrate themselves but also that they don’t only preach to the converted and go out there and win more allies for our struggle.07 March 2014

The simplest way to describe my Office is to say that I represent the interests and concerns of the world’s most vulnerable countries.06 February 2014

We are in a good position now to tackle the problems in the eastern DRC: restitution of State authority, strengthening democratic institutions – but regional integration will be very important for this.22 January 2014

I think that any high-level meeting on nuclear disarmament advances nuclear disarmament, simply because it underlines the urgency of what needs to happen.08 January 2014

If we can mobilize the support we need, I am convinced we can eradicate cholera in Haiti.05 December 2013

Women have survival skills which can be given to other women. What I have experienced is that when they see you are a woman, their faces light up. It’s like they get a connection.11 November 2013

[African economic] the ultimate objective that all Africans including myself are dreaming of achieving, so that we can be as powerful as the European Union.18 October 2013

It was always intended that the UN, a political organization focused on justice and development, would work together with the financial organizations in order to make the world a better place.07 October 2013

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