Newsmakers: Conversations with people making UN news

We are not competing with Ebola. I think that every emergency deserves the support of the international community.23 February 2015

You’re not going to have lasting peace and security in Somalia unless you have a functioning, inclusive State.06 February 2015

We need resources at all times. People, materials, money. And, in order to get those resources, we have to ask Governments and Foundations to contribute16 January 2015 2030 we can end poverty, we can transform lives and we can find ways to protect the planet while doing that.04 December 2014

We are actually at the doorsteps of another food crisis in West Africa.15 October 2014

The death penalty [is] considered to be inhuman punishment... it has no proven deterring effect.24 September 2014

I would say that not a single State can claim to have a perfect human rights record. There are issues of concern in every country in the world.28 August 2014

I want to be clear, very clear, there is no justification for stopping people from traveling to countries that are currently affected by the Ebola disease outbreak.21 August 2014

Humanitarian agencies all over the world are under enormous stress. The resources available and the financial support we get are simply insufficient to be able to respond to such dramatic needs of people who are suffering so much.24 June 2014

If the opportunity for peacebuilding is there and people are ready to talk to the other party, you have to strike while the iron is hot to support the dialogue that's going on. 23 June 2014

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