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It is not only about politics, it is also about the economy, which means jobs and prosperity for people.29 July 2015

The majority of companies are still sitting on the fence, pretending shareholder values are all they are concerned about...23 June 2015

I will not be able to forget the images of people dying in the street, the sound of sirens, things like that. And yet... it has been, and still is, a phenomenal experience.04 June 2015

When I became the Director General, I said that as I come from a country with the experience of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, I will stay firm against the proliferation of nuclear weapons.01 May 2015

Sexual violence is being used as a tactic of terror and this is because of the rise of extremists and terrorist groups.14 April 2015

The rule of law, better criminal justice systems, access to justice, well-functioning law enforcement and prosecution authorities - they could be enablers for development06 April 2015

We are not competing with Ebola. I think that every emergency deserves the support of the international community.23 February 2015

You’re not going to have lasting peace and security in Somalia unless you have a functioning, inclusive State.06 February 2015

We need resources at all times. People, materials, money. And, in order to get those resources, we have to ask Governments and Foundations to contribute16 January 2015 2030 we can end poverty, we can transform lives and we can find ways to protect the planet while doing that.04 December 2014

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