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‘Make peace your choice’ urges UN envoy, as Yemen talks begin in Kuwait

21 April 2016 – Following a three-day delay, the United Nations-brokered peace negotiations among Yemeni parties started today in Kuwait, with the aim of reaching an agreement on a clear way to end the violence and devastation in the country.

‘Yemeni people deserve no less,’ says Ban, urging start of peace talks

19 April 2016 – United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today urged all parties to the peace process in Yemen to “engage in good faith” with his envoy, so that talks can start without further delay.

Yemen at ‘critical crossroads,’ Security Council told ahead of face-to-face peace talks

15 April 2016 – Yemen is now at a critical crossroads, the United Nations Security Council heard today from the UN special envoy for the country, with one path leading to peace while the other can only worsen the security and humanitarian situation.