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Yemen: UN envoy urges 'definitive decisions' as peace talks continue in Kuwait

16 July 2016 – The United Nations-supported Yemeni peace talks continued in Kuwait today after several weeks of daily sessions and two weeks of intensive consultations with regional and political leaders, the UN envoy for the country has said.

Iraq: security reform, State control of armed groups priorities at ‘critical junction,’ UN envoy says

15 July 2016 – Recent victories against ISIL show that Iraqis are capable of defeating the extremist group, but sustainable peace and security in Iraq can only be achieved through historic reconciliation, the United Nations envoy for the country today said, calling also on the international community for greater support for Iraq and its people.

Some 1,400 stuck at Hungarian-Serbian border amid dire conditions, UN refugee agency warns

15 July 2016 – The United Nations refugee agency today expressed deep concern about a new restrictive law at the Hungarian-Serbian border, and urged Hungarian authorities to investigate reports of abuse and violence in transit zones and bitten by unleashed police dogs.