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'No clear evidence' social media leads to more violent behavior, UN-backed study reports

29 December 2017 – Violent extremists use the Internet to attract younger audiences, to disseminate content and to foster direct dialogue with young people, a United Nations agency-backed study found, but more research is needed to find out if social media has an effective role in radicalization.

Legacy of former President Johnson Sirleaf tied to UN Mission in Liberia, says senior UN official

28 December 2017 – The legacy of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the outgoing President of Liberia, is connected to the legacy of the United Nations Mission in the country (UNMIL), which will wind down in March after 15 years of operations, a senior UN official said.

Sharp rise in refugee arrivals to Uganda as fresh violence flares in DR Congo – UN agency

22 December 2017 – Fresh violence in the Ituri province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) forced over 2,650 refugees to cross over into neighbouring Uganda this week, five times the usual number of arrivals, according to the United Nations refugee agency.

Afghan parties must agree on ‘convincing peace process’ to end 40 years of conflict, says UN envoy

21 December 2017 – The United Nations envoy for Afghanistan on Thursday highlighted the need for the country to achieve a political settlement with the armed opposition, pointing to an upcoming February meeting between the parties as an opportunity not to be missed.

FEATURE: Curtain falls on UN tribunal’s 24-year history of fighting impunity in former Yugoslavia

20 December 2017 – As the United Nations tribunal dealing with atrocities committed during the Balkans conflicts in the 1990s prepares to close its doors on 31 December, top officials say the court has proven skeptics wrong, citing its achievements and its immense contribution to international criminal justice.

Thousands in DR Congo’s Kasais to benefit from UN food, nutrition efforts, but challenges remain

20 December 2017 – Against the backdrop of severe hunger as a result of conflict in central Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), the United Nations emergency food relief and food security agencies are stepping up their response to assist more than 100,000 people.

As crises become more complex ‘prevention must be at the centre of everything we do’ – UN chief

20 December 2017 – Today's conflicts are more complex, longer and intractable, and given their changing nature it is necessary to “rethink our approach to how we work and how we work with others,” Secretary General António Guterres told the United Nations Security Council on Wednesday.

UNICEF says 2017 has been a ‘very difficult year’ for children in Central African Republic

19 December 2017 – For children and women in the Central African Republic, 2017 has been a very difficult year and sadly, the situation is not expected to improve in the coming months, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said Tuesday.

Security Council renews Syrian cross-border relief convoys amid ongoing challenges for aid workers

19 December 2017 – The Security Council today renewed the authorization for United Nations relief agencies and their partners to use routes across conflict lines and border crossings to deliver lifesaving assistance to millions in north-west and southern Syria through Turkey and Jordan.

Ukraine: UN agencies stepping up aid to most vulnerable as temperatures plummet

19 December 2017 – As temperatures plummet across Ukraine, the United Nations refugee and migration agencies said Tuesday that they are stepping up assistance to the most vulnerable people affected by the conflict in the country’s east.