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Syria: UN official cites ‘bleak’ humanitarian situation, urges unhindered access to civilians

28 March 2014 – The United Nations Emergency Relief Coordinator warned the Security Council today that as the Syrian civil war grinds on and millions of desperate people remain cut off from aid, “the humanitarian situation remains bleak, and will continue to be bleak, unless we are granted full and unhindered access, through the most efficient and direct means.”

Recent crisis in Anbar most serious challenge to state-building in Iraq – UN envoy

27 March 2014 – The crisis in Iraq’s Anbar province, where three months of fighting has displaced over 66,000 families, poses the most serious challenge to the Government’s efforts to maintain the stability and security needed to build a democratic State, a United Nations envoy told the Security Council today.

Syria: in address to Arab League Ban underscores need for political solution

25 March 2014 – The international community has a duty to help end Syria’s tragic civil war, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon emphasized today at a meeting of Arab leaders in Kuwait, where he stressed that there is no military resolution to the conflict, which “can only be resolved through a political solution.”

International Day highlights need for urgent action to protect UN staff worldwide

25 March 2014 – The United Nations family today urged immediate action to secure the release of detained staff, to resolve the cases of those missing and to protect all the courageous individuals who carry out the life-saving work entrusted to the Organization and its partners.

On International Day, Ban honours victims of gross human rights violations

24 March 2014 – At a time when human rights violations persist around the world, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon stressed the importance of the individual and collective right to the truth for the promotion of humanitarian law and justice, and called on the international community to recommit to helping victims and protecting those who fight to uncover facts.

Industrialized nations see sharp rise in asylum claims, driven by Syria crisis – UN report

21 March 2014 – A new report issued today by the United Nations refugee agency found a sharp rise in asylum claims in 44 industrialized countries over the course of last year, driven primarily by the crisis in Syria.

UN spotlights civilian suffering in Syria by screening ‘viral’ image in New York, Tokyo

21 March 2014 – The United Nations has drawn on the bustling energy of two of the world’s most fabled crossroads – New York City’s Times Square and Tokyo’s Shibuya crossing – to spotlight the ongoing struggle of besieged civilians trapped amid Syria’s civil war, launching a “flashmob” and simultaneously showing on the junctions’ mega-billboards the now-iconic photograph of thousands of people in a Damascus refugee camp waiting in line for food supplies.

Over half of Syria’s chemical weapons removed or destroyed, says joint OPCW-UN mission

20 March 2014 – The Joint Mission of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and the United Nations said today that over half of Syria’s chemical weapons material has been removed or destroyed.

First UN humanitarian aid convoy from Turkey sets out for Syria

20 March 2014 – A United Nations convoy carrying vital humanitarian supplies for hundreds of thousands of people in desperate need in northern Syria is leaving today from Turkey, the first time in the three years of the conflict that aid is being transported via this route.

Targeted action needed to address plight of world’s deprived minorities – UN expert

19 March 2014 – With greater international and national attention to their plight, disadvantaged minorities – often among the world’s most economically, politically and socially marginalized communities – can break free of their “left behind” status to participate in and benefit from the post-2015 development process, a United Nations human rights expert stressed today.