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Diary from Syria: An eyewitness account of broken families, grief and survival

12 August 2016 – The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) supports more than 4 million people inside Syria with food assistance. Heading its operation there since December last year is Swiss national Jakob Kern.

‘Let’s build bridges, not walls,’ says UN chief, urging all countries to help refugees and migrants

11 August 2016 – Encouraging young refugees gathered for an event at resettlement centre in Los Angeles to “study hard [and] be a full part of your new communities,” United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged the United States and other countries to keep reaching out to people in need, wherever they are, because “we will all be stronger” by building bridges instead of walls.

Millions of Syrians in ‘free fall’ as raging battles across country hinder aid access – UN

11 August 2016 – The tragedy unfolding in what has sadly become “the battle for Aleppo,” where attacks and counter-attacks over the past days have only compounded the suffering on two million civilians already struggling to cope with power outages and water shortages, spotlights again that there is “no military solution [there] or anywhere else in Syria,” the United Nations envoy on the crisis said today.

As temperatures soar and taps run dry in war-ravaged Aleppo, UN warns of looming ‘catastrophe’

09 August 2016 – As the United Nations relief wing warned today that soaring temperatures and dwindling medical supplies are deepening the woes of some two million people trapped by fighting in and around Aleppo, the world body kept up its call for an immediate halt to the hostilities and, at a minimum, a two-day weekly humanitarian pause so the city’s heavily damaged water and electrical systems can be repaired.

As water and basic supplies run out in Aleppo, UN urges truce to provide humanitarian assistance

08 August 2016 – With more than two million people impacted by the fighting in and around war-ravaged Aleppo, where wide swaths of the area are now without power and water supplies are dwindling, the United Nations today urgently called for a humanitarian pause in the hostilities to enable immediate access to repair the electricity and water networks, and provide assistance to people in need.

Ban hails Argentina’s commitment to UN values as illustrated by its actions

08 August 2016 – On a visit to Argentina, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon applauded the South American today country for its strong partnership with the UN and its cooperation with and support to other countries.

UN team in Jordan uses cranes to hoist relief aid to Syrian refugees at sealed border

05 August 2016 – Syrians stranded at a sealed border with Jordan have received life-saving food and other supplies from the United Nations in a unique operation that saw aid hoisted by crane and monitored by drones across the closed frontier.

In Brazil, UN chief encourages Olympic Refugee Team to 'show strength,' inspire the world

04 August 2016 – United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today paid a visit to the Olympic Village in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he encouraged refugee athletes to show the world their strengths.

Aid agencies ready to help ease suffering in 'iconic' Aleppo, once truce is secured – UN envoy

04 August 2016 – As fighting in and around battle-scarred Aleppo intensifies – along with diplomatic efforts to secure a truce – United Nations agencies and their partners are “ready, willing and able” to rush aid to the desperate people trapped there, a senior UN envoy said today, stressing that a humanitarian pause is critical, both to allow relief workers to enter the area, and for civilians to leave voluntarily.

Ban reiterates strong condemnation of ‘heinous’ crimes committed by ISIL in Sinjar

03 August 2016 – Marking the second anniversary of the seizure of Sinjar by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today expressed his profound sympathy to the families of the victims and the survivors as well as deep concern for safety of the people – particularly thousands of Yazidi women and children – still being held captive.