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UN agencies urge greater support to fight mounting hunger crisis in Africa’s Sahel region

25 July 2014 – Two United Nations agencies today urged the international donor community to renew its commitment to fight hunger and food insecurity in the Sahel by strengthening the resilience of destitute families in the region.

UN allocates $75 million to boost aid operations in the Sahel, Horn of Africa

23 July 2014 – The United Nations humanitarian chief today allocated $75 million from the UN Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) to bolster desperately needed relief operations in two of the world’s most neglected regions: the West African Sahel and the Horn of Africa.

West Africa: UN envoy cites region’s daunting challenges, Boko Haram threat to Nigeria

08 July 2014 – While countries in West Africa are trying to promote development and consolidate democracy, they continue to face daunting challenges such as transnational organized crime and growing terrorist activities, the top United Nations official in the region told the Security Council today, while also warning of the increasing threat the Boko Haram crisis poses to Nigeria.

Security Council updates mandate of UN mission in Mali, extends two other operations

25 June 2014 – The Security Council today extended the mandates of United Nations peacekeeping forces in Mali, Cote d’Ivoire and the Golan, in separate meetings, as part of its efforts to maintenance of international peace and security.

Mali’s leaders must do more to ensure lasting peace, ease humanitarian suffering – UN official

19 June 2014 – A senior United Nations relief official today highlighted the need for “courageous leadership” by the authorities in Mali to tackle the country’s political issues, warning that the already grave humanitarian situation is likely to deteriorate unless peace and stability are restored.

Tackling Sahel’s enduring challenges requires regional, global cooperation – UN envoy

19 June 2014 – The countries of Africa’s Sahel region – struggling to cope with terrorism, weak governance and recurrent droughts ¬– need assistance to lay the foundations for stability and sustainable development, a United Nations special envoy told the Security Council today, urging greater cooperation between the region’s Governments, neighbours and international partners.