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UN and partners renew anti-polio efforts in Middle East after first case detected in Iraq

08 April 2014 – With the recent discovery of a new case of polio in a six-month-old boy in Iraq, the United Nations and it partners, warning that the crippling virus still poses a threat to children across the Middle East, have re-launched a massive vaccination campaigns in Syria, Iraq and Egypt, aiming to reach 22 million children by Thursday.

Amid fears ‘South Sudan is imploding,’ UN agencies launch urgent operation to reach remote areas

28 March 2014 – Two United Nations agencies launched today an urgent operation to deliver food, vaccines, nutrition supplements and other vital relief supplies to one of the most isolated areas of conflict-affected South Sudan, as part of a joint response to boost emergency distribution as the crisis escalates.

On path to global eradication, UN health agency certifies 11 Asian nations free of polio

27 March 2014 – The United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) today certified as polio-free 11 countries in Asia that together are home to a quarter of the global population.