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‘Fear must be eclipsed by wisdom’ to end violence between Israelis and Palestinians – UN rights chief

28 October 2015 – At a special meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Council today, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights stressed that Israeli-Palestinian violence will draw “closer to a catastrophe” if not stopped immediately, while President Mahmoud Abbas called for creation of a “special protection” regime for the Palestinian people, amid roiling tensions in the region.

Urging swift probe into ‘act of terror,’ UN special envoy condemns attack against Palestinian politician

25 October 2015 – Condemning today's attack in Ramallah against a prominent Palestinian political figure, United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Nickolay Mladenov has called for a thorough investigation into the incident and has reiterated the call by top United Nations officials to reduce tensions in the region and avoid actions that would spark further violence.

UN and Middle East partners express ‘grave concern’ over escalating Israeli-Palestinian tensions

23 October 2015 – Underscoring the urgent need to restore calm amid escalating Israeli-Palestinians tensions, the United Nations and its Middle East Quartet partners today encouraged Israel to work together with Jordan to uphold the status quo at the holy sites in Jerusalem.

‘Still time to step back from brink,’ says Ban, returning from Israel, Palestine and Jordan

23 October 2015 – Upon his return from an emergency visit to the crisis-torn Middle East where he reported having “long and detailed” discussions with Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian leaders, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today said “there is still time to step back from the brink,” despite anger and polarization in the region.

Political failures, lack of hope, at root of latest Israeli-Palestinian violence – UN deputy chief

22 October 2015 – The Israel-Palestine conflict has “once again entered a dangerous phase,” United Nations Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson told the Security Council today, warning that the latest eruption of violence, rising tensions at holy sites in Jerusalem and the alarmingly vitriolic nature of public discourse in the region is rooted in the lack of hope on both sides that peace is possible and the absence of a genuine political horizon.

In Jordan, Ban stresses responsibility of Arab leaders to ensure Middle East ‘crisis doesn’t get out control’

22 October 2015 – Continuing his visit to Middle Eastern countries to help ease current tensions between Israel and Palestine, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon met today with King Abdullah II of Jordan in Amman, and stressed the responsibility of Arab leaders “to encourage calm and to ensure that this crisis does not get out of control.”

‘Endless cycle of suffering’ must stop, Ban says in Ramallah, urging end to wave of violence in region

21 October 2015 – On the second day of his visit to Israel and Palestine to ease the current tensions in the region, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called for an immediate end to violence, which “will only push back the day…both sides will live in peace and security,” and pledged the support of the United Nations to all efforts to create the conditions to make meaningful negotiations possible.

‘We must turn back from this dangerous abyss,’ Ban says in Israel on first day of visit to crisis-torn region

20 October 2015 – In an effort to ease the current tensions between Israel and Palestine, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is heading to the region to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Palestinian President Abbas, as well as with other senior officials.

'Non-violence requires more courage than violence,' Ban tells people of Israel and Palestine, appealing for end to conflict

19 October 2015 – Amid roiling tensions in the Middle East, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has taken to the airwaves to speak directly to the peoples of Israel and Palestine and to urge the leaders on both sides to end the “posturing and brinkmanship” and get serious about pursuing the two-state solution –“the only solution capable of durably stanching the bloodshed hatred and fear.

Ending ‘cycle of needless bloodshed’ in Middle East focus of emergency Security Council session

16 October 2015 – Against a backdrop of escalating violence in the Middle East, Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs Tayé-Brook Zerihoun briefed an emergency session of the United Nations Security Council today, reporting on the latest violent incident in which a large group of Palestinians set fire to the compound containing the holy site of Joseph’s Tomb in the West Bank city of Nablus.