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Perpetrators of extra-judicial killings in Mexico must be brought to justice – UN expert

29 September 2014 – The Government of Mexico must “fully investigate, prosecute, and punish” all cases of extra-legal, arbitrary and summary executions, a United Nations independent human rights expert stressed today, as he welcomed the country’s recent arrest of eight military personnel suspected in the extra-judicial killings of 22 unarmed criminals.

European leaders tell UN ‘collective sense of purpose’ needed to maintain peace, security

29 September 2014 – Addressing the General Assembly this afternoon, Liechtenstein’s Foreign Minister, Aurelia Frick, said acts of aggression perpetrated against Ukraine and the illegal annexation of parts of its territory underline the need to enforce international law

At UN, transition leader urges support as war-torn Central African Republic pursues peace, reconciliation

27 September 2014 – Underscoring the Central African Republic’s “extreme vulnerability” in the wake of political instability and internal conflicts, the President of the Transitional Government told the United Nations General Assembly today while the country would need assistance, she is “firmly determined” to tackle the nation’s myriad challenges on the road to peace and stability.

First World Conference on Indigenous Peoples: Governments pledge action to advance indigenous rights

26 September 2014 – Scattered across the globe, indigenous peoples are among the most disadvantaged and vulnerable populations on earth. Braving injustice and discrimination, many have been deprived of their human rights, their ancestral lands and the natural resources that are essential to their survival.

In UN address, El Salvador leader urges joint action on issue of unaccompanied migrant children

26 September 2014 – Addressing the General Assembly this morning El Salvador’s President, Salvador Sánchez Cerén called on the international community to support Central American countries to overcome the crisis generated by the increased flow of unaccompanied migrant children travelling to the United States.

Leaders from Latin America, Caribbean region urge action to erase inequality, spur development

24 September 2014 – Inequality is one of the greatest threats to development and international security because it fosters poverty, exclusion and breeds social unrest, resentment and violence, said Chilean President Michelle Bachelet, the first among several leaders from the Latin America and the Caribbean region to address the General Assembly today.

Oil, gas industry launches ‘immediate-impact’ plan to slash global warming emissions

23 September 2014 – Multinational oil and gas companies, major producing States and over two dozen cities today joined forces to slash methane emissions in a partnership that can have an immediate impact in reducing global warming as part of United Nations Secretary-General strategy to tackle climate change.

Economic growth possible even while tackling climate change, UN-backed report finds

16 September 2014 – Just one week before a major climate summit opens at the United Nations, a new report released today by a commission of global leaders argues that major structural and technological changes in the world economy are making it possible to achieve lower carbon emissions and economic growth at the same time.