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More than 729,000 Haitians vaccinated against cholera in UN-supported campaign

25 November 2016 – A Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)/ United Nations World Health Organization (WHO)-backed vaccination campaign has reached more than 729,000 people in Haiti’s areas devastated by Hurricane Matthew, which hit the country last month, the health agencies said.

World’s first malaria vaccine set for 2018 rollout in Africa after UN health agency secures funding

17 November 2016 – Having secured the funds for the initial phase of the deployment of the world’s first malaria vaccine, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced today it will be rolled out in sub-Saharan Africa and immunization campaigns will begin in 2018.

Tough action on pneumonia and diarrhoea can save more than one million lives annually – UNICEF

11 November 2016 – According to the latest statistics from the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), pneumonia and diarrhoea kill some 1.4 million children each year, mostly in middle and low-income countries, despite the fact that these illnesses are largely preventable through straightforward and cost-effective solutions.

New UN survey reveals extensive damage to health system in war-torn Yemen

07 November 2016 – There are critical shortages in medical doctors in over 40 per cent of all Yemeni districts, with more than half of all health facilities closed or partially functioning as the conflict continues, a new World Health Organization (WHO) survey has revealed.