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As Libyan parties delay naming unity government, UN urges steps to end political divisions

18 January 2016 – The United Nations in Libya has expressed regret over the decision of the country’s Presidency Council to postpone the formation of a national unity government for 48 hours beyond the deadline set by a UN-facilitated political agreement, emphasizing that all efforts to combat and eliminate these terrorist groups must be led by the Libyan State.

Libya: senior UN relief official condemns attacks on Benghazi power plant

12 January 2016 – Strongly condemning the recent attacks against a major power plant in Libya’s eastern city of Benghazi, the top United Nations humanitarian official in the country said today he is “deeply shocked by these actions that directly affect civilian life,” and warned that such “ignoble” attacks may amount to war crimes.

FEATURE: From misplaced emblem in London to iconic hall – the UN General Assembly across 70 years

11 January 2016 – Before there was a United Nations Secretary-General, a Security Council or an iconic Headquarters in New York, there was the General Assembly, the most representative body ever of world nations, meeting for the first time in a London hall facing Westminster Abbey, the 1,000-year-old coronation site of Britain’s kings and queens.

Security Council urges Libyan parties to come together under new political deal to combat terrorists

08 January 2016 – Strongly condemning yesterday’s terrorist attack on a security training centre in Zliten, Libya, and in the wake of that deadly incident and the recent attacks on the country’s oil infrastructure, the United Nations Security Council has urged all Libyan parties to joint together to combat terrorist threats by implementing the recent agreement on a unity government.

‘Libya cannot afford to remain divided,’ says UN envoy, deploring latest deadly terrorist attack

07 January 2016 – Condemning the “reprehensible” deadly terrorist attack on a security training centre today in Libya’s coastal city of Zliten, the top United Nations official in the country said the incident again shows the urgent need for all stakeholders to press ahead with forming a recently-agreed unity government.

Libya: ISIL attacks highlight need for implementation of peace accord, says UN envoy

06 January 2016 – The United Nations envoy in Libya, who last month has helped usher in a UN-brokered political agreement for a national government in the strife-torn country, has said an attack by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) on oil installations highlights the need for immediate implementation of the accord.

Libya: UN envoy holds New Year talks to boost support for unity accord

02 January 2016 – Strife-torn Libya begins 2016 with a ray of hope and the possibility of rediscovering peace in unity, the top United Nations envoy to the country has stressed in a New Year's Day message as he held talks with a cross-section of political leaders.

As Libya marks 64th independence anniversary, UN envoy urges unity behind new Government

24 December 2015 – A week after brokering an accord for a national unity government in strife-torn Libya, the top United Nations envoy for the country urged all Libyans to use today’s 64th independence anniversary to put their differences behind them and unite behind the new inclusive institutions.

Hailing political accord, Security Council urges international aid against terrorist groups in Libya

23 December 2015 – Welcoming the newly signed United Nations-brokered accord for a national unity government in Libya, the Security Council today urged the parties to implement its terms within the 30-day time limit, and called on the world community to provide all necessary aid to defeat terrorist groups.

UN Year in Review 2015 looks back at ‘pivotal year’ for international community

23 December 2015 – The year 2015, in which the United Nations celebrated its 70th anniversary, was “pivotal” – in the words of Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon – marked by major achievements, including the adoption of a long-term global sustainable development agenda and crowned by the UN climate conference which committed every nation on Earth to do its part in combatting global warming.