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Latin American, Caribbean nations at UN highlight unique challenges, climate change woes

30 September 2014 – Addressing the General Assembly this morning, Suriname’s Foreign Minister Winston Guno Lackin called on the United Nations to “develop the muscles” needed to democratize itself and move away from the “restrictive” veto power.

Myanmar calls during Assembly debate for UN development aid to solve communal fighting

29 September 2014 – Taking the podium at the General Assembly today, Myanmar called on the United Nations to provide development aid for its troubled Rakhine state, where tensions between Buddhist and Muslim communities have affected hundreds of thousands of families.

At UN debate, African leaders say global sustainability agenda must reflect local realities

29 September 2014 – With a new sustainable development agenda as the focus of this year’s annual General Assembly debate, African leaders today called on the United Nations to take into consideration the continent’s specific realities and challenges.

Peru’s President says development must align with core UN Charter principles

25 September 2014 – Among several speakers from the Latin American and Caribbean region addressing the General Assembly today, Peru’s President, Ollanta Humala Tasso, outlined in his address, several ways his country was making strides in sustainable development without straying away from the fundamental principles of the UN Charter, such as peace and security and human rights.