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In Ukraine, Ban pledges UN support amid ‘debilitating’ conflict in country’s eastern regions

08 May 2015 – Continuing his travels in Europe to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon joined the people of Ukraine today to honour the millions of soldiers and citizens who fought to defend human dignity against the aggression of Nazism, and also pledged support from the United Nations as Ukraine deals with a protracted conflict in the east.

UN rights experts call on Iran to end death penalty

08 May 2015 – Two United Nations human rights experts have condemned the sharp increase in executions across Iran in recent weeks, urging the Government in Tehran to heed the Organization's appeal for an immediate halt on the use of the death penalty.

In Poland, Ban commemorates 70th anniversary of the end of Second World War

07 May 2015 – United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, in Poland today at an event commemorating the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War in Europe, recalled the “tremendous” shared sacrifice and the huge price of victory over fascism, paid by the millions of lost lives.

At thematic debate, UN officials urge ‘cohesive, balanced’ approach to fighting world drug problem

07 May 2015 – The international community must seize the opportunity to hold open, comprehensive and in-depth discussions on the world drug problem at next year’s General Assembly special session devoted to the issue, a senior United Nations official said today amid appeals for a clampdown on transnational drug trafficking networks and their criminal offshoots.

Yemen: UN envoy sets out on ‘intensive consultation’ aimed at getting political process back on track

06 May 2015 – The United Nations Special Envoy on Yemen, Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, is conducting intensive consultations aimed at getting the political process back on track for the country, where conflict erupted in late March.

UN rights experts urge Nauru to set up monitoring body for asylum-seekers detained on island

06 May 2015 – A group of United Nations human rights experts today called on Nauru to set up an independent monitoring body to ensure that the country meets its obligations to treat people in detention correctly.

‘Not ghosts but human beings:’ UN rights office launches website on albinism

05 May 2015 – The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) launched today a website dedicated to the issue of albinism aimed at debunking the myths of the rare condition which is “still profoundly misunderstood, socially and medically.”

Honouring victims of World War II, Ban reaffirms UN's founding goals to ensure peace and dignity for all

05 May 2015 – Seventy years ago, in 1945, from the ashes of one of humanity's darkest moments, the United Nations was founded to lead the world "out of horror and into peace," declared Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today at a tree planting and ceremony to remember the countless victims who lost their lives in the Second World War.

Yemen conflict death toll nears 650, with UN rights office spotlighting plight of 3 million disabled

05 May 2015 – The conflict in Yemen has now taken at least 646 civilian lives and injured more than 1,300 others, according to UN human rights monitors who also drew attention today to the desperate plight of persons with disabilities who are facing increasing difficulties in meeting their basic needs.

Top UN officials cite strengthening cooperation with regional partners as vital priority

04 May 2015 – United Nations Secretary-General Ban K-moon and the General Assembly President Sam Kutesa today drew attention to the importance of the Organization’s cooperation with regional partners to shape a “bold new vision” for a post-2015 development agenda, as well as to tackle the world’s myriad pressing challenges.