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Afghanistan: Ground combat taking ‘devastating’ civilian toll, says UN, reporting sharp rise in casualties

09 July 2014 – The nature of the Afghan conflict has added yet another grim dimension as ground combat among the warring parties surpassed improvised explosive devices (IEDs) as the leading cause of conflict-related death and injury to Afghan civilians in the first six months of 2014, the United Nations reported today.

Suicide attack amidst group of children draws condemnation from UN in Afghanistan

08 July 2014 – The top United Nations official in Afghanistan today condemned a suicide bombing in the central province of Parwan which killed at least 10 children and injured six others, warning that such indiscriminate attacks could amount to international humanitarian law violations.

UN widens its same-sex marriage policy to include all legally-married staff

08 July 2014 – The United Nations is changing how it categorizes staff personal status, allowing more same-sex couples access to the same benefits enjoyed by their heterosexual counterparts.

UN calls on Iraqi leaders to agree on Speaker, hold next Parliament session

07 July 2014 – Ahead of tomorrow’s elections, the United Nations envoy for Iraq has called on the country’s political leaders to reach an agreement on a Speaker for the Council of Representatives as soon as possible.

UN rights expert urges durable solutions for Haiti's displaced, vulnerable

04 July 2014 – Four years after the massive earthquake that devastated Haiti, it is time to move from a largely humanitarian approach to a development based drive, a United Nations human rights expert said today, while calling for durable solutions for the internally displaced and the vulnerable segments of the population of the island nation.

UN rights chief urges all sides in eastern Ukraine to 'turn away from destructive path'

04 July 2014 – Amid fresh deadly clashes in eastern Ukraine, destruction of civilian infrastructure and “utterly reprehensible” incitement to violence targeting women and underage girls, the United Nations human rights chief today urged all sides to engage in dialogue and “turn away from the destructive path” towards which they are leading the crisis-torn region.

FEATURE: Should international refugee law accommodate climate change?

03 July 2014 – Can the United Nations help to protect people seeking safety abroad if their homes and jobs are destroyed by prolonged drought, rising sea levels or other climate change-related phenomena in the same way as if they were displaced by war or human rights abuses? The short answer, today anyway, is no.

‘Death penalty has no place in 21st century,’ declares UN chief

02 July 2014 – The death penalty has no place in the 21st century, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon declared today, calling on all States take concrete steps towards abolishing or no longer practicing this form of punishment.

Ban announces review of probes related to UN-African Union Darfur peacekeepers

02 July 2014 – Concerned by recent allegations against the United Nations-African Union peacekeeping force in Sudan’s Darfur region, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has called for a review of related investigations and reviews over the last two years to determine what, if any, corrective action needs to be taken.

Sri Lanka must do more to rein in hate speech, faith-based violence – UN rights experts

02 July 2014 – Aiming to stem the tide of violent attacks and recrimination against Sri Lanka’s Muslim and Christian communities, a group of United Nations human rights experts called today on the Government to adopt urgent measures to stop the promotion of racial and faith-based hatred and end “the atmosphere of impunity” fuelling hate speech and violence by Buddhist extremists.