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People over 60 will double by 2050 but little evidence they will be healthier – UN report

30 September 2015 – The number of people over the age of 60 is expected to double by 2050 and require radical societal change because “unfortunately, 70 does not yet appear to be the new 60” contrary to widespread assumptions, according to the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO).

Afghanistan: UN stresses need to protect civilians amid reported abuses in Kunduz

30 September 2015 – Amid reports of extrajudicial executions, abductions and other abuses in Kunduz following this week’s attack by the Taliban, the United Nations today reminded all parties to the conflict in Afghanistan of their obligations to protect civilians and to respect human rights at all times.

Uruguay leader urges UN action to ease global burden of noncommunicable diseases

29 September 2015 – President of Uruguay Tabaré Vazquez addressed the United Nations General Assembly today, urging decisive action from the world community to find solutions to a raft of global challenges, including migration and the increasing prevalence of noncommunicable diseases.

Presidents of Sierra Leone and Liberia outline post-Ebola recovery plan in addresses to UN Assembly

29 September 2015 – In their respective statements to the United Nations General Assembly today, the leaders of Sierra Leone and Liberia, two of the countries hardest hit by the Ebola outbreak, discussed their subsequent recovery efforts, and also spoke about the need for the reform of UN bodies.

UNICEF advocate Orlando Bloom urges protection of refugee and migrant children

29 September 2015 – Actor and Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Orlando Bloom called for greater protection for tens of thousands of refugee and migrant children on the move in Europe.

African leaders highlight UN’s ability to support countries and rid world of fear and violence

29 September 2015 – The UN has played a significant role in reducing conflicts on the African continent and in other parts of the world was a message underlined by a number of African leaders who addressed the United Nations General Assembly today during the annual general debate.

UN stresses need for access to thousands affected by Central African Republic violence

29 September 2015 – United Nations officials continued to voice their concern today over the situation in the Central African Republic (CAR) – where more than 30 people have been killed, over 100 have been wounded and thousands are seeking shelter amid the recent upsurge in violence – and stressed the need for free movement for aid workers to reach those in need.

‘The only sustainable future is one that includes us all,’ Rwandan President tells UN Assembly

29 September 2015 – Change is coming and it is vitally necessary, the President of Rwanda told the General Assembly today, urging United Nations Member States to not merely pledge commitment to the Global Goals but to acknowledge that the bold new targets will only be reached if all countries work together and acknowledge their mutual interdependence.

In wake of Taliban attack, UN rights chief urges protection of civilians in Afghan city of Kunduz

29 September 2015 – Following yesterday’s attack by the Taliban in the Afghan city of Kunduz, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights today urged both parties to the conflict to take all measures to protect civilians from harm.

Latin American leaders urge reform of UN bodies, highlight 2030 ‘agenda of change’

28 September 2015 – Chilean President Michelle Bachelet, one of several leaders from the Latin American and Caribbean region to address the General Assembly today, warned of the urgent need for United Nations Member States to react to the plight of refugees, which she said had become a global crisis affecting peace and security.