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Yemen crisis 'getting worse by the hour' – UN humanitarian official

10 April 2015 – The humanitarian situation in Yemen is “getting worse by the hour,” the United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator for the country warned today, saying that the escalating conflict has put millions of people at risk of physical injury or death.

Vanuatu: UN urges support for Government-led relief efforts one month after Cyclone Pam

10 April 2015 – The Government of Vanuatu urgently needs funding to continue basic humanitarian relief efforts such as food, safe drinking water and shelter, according to the United Nations humanitarian mission helping the country respond to the effects of Cyclone Pam.

Nigeria: UN launches appeal for refugees as Boko Haram violence continues

09 April 2015 – The United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) has issued an urgent funding appeal as it seeks to provide tens of thousands of people fleeing the violence in north-eastern Nigeria with critical assistance and protection.

Thwarting threat of disease, UN launches animal vaccination campaign along Syria-Lebanon border

09 April 2015 – An emergency vaccination campaign along the Syria-Lebanon border is underway in order to protect the region’s livestock from preventable infections, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) announced today amid growing concerns over the spread of high impact transboundary animal diseases.

Civilians in Yemen 'willfully abandoned to misery,' says Ban, urging immediate political solution to crisis

09 April 2015 – Countless civilians are being “willfully abandoned to misery” in Yemen, amid a rapidly deteriorating security and humanitarian crises inflamed by a escalating violence, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told reporters at United Nations Headquarters today.

UN calls for $111 million to address urgent humanitarian priorities in DPR Korea

08 April 2015 – The United Nations today called for some $111 million to fund its humanitarian operations in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DRPK) in 2015, covering activities in food and agriculture, health and nutrition, and water and sanitation.

UN agency kicks off registry of vetted medical emergency teams, drawing lessons from past crises

08 April 2015 – With global crises on the rise, the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) today announced that its new registration system will enable it to build a global roster of foreign medical response teams ready to deploy in response to tsunamis, typhoons, floods and outbreaks, such as Ebola and cholera.

As chaos deepens in Yemen, UN expert warns of ‘worst case scenario’ displacement

08 April 2015 – The United Nations expert on the human rights of internally displaced persons today urged the international community “to prepare for massive displacement and humanitarian crisis as conflict torn Yemen further descends into chaos and civilians flee the fighting.”

Yemen: UN relief agencies rush assessment teams, supplies to crisis-torn country

07 April 2015 – Amid ongoing heavy fighting in Yemen, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) says that a plane carrying humanitarian staff landed yesterday in the capital, Sana’a, and two more planes carrying medical supplies are expected later this week.

UN relief wing spotlights deteriorating health situation for conflict-affected Ukrainians

07 April 2015 – The deteriorating health situation for internally displaced and others impacted by the conflict in Ukraine has drawn the serious concern of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), a UN spokesperson reported today.