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Remittances from Europe provide 'lifeline' to millions worldwide, says UN agency

15 June 2015 – According to a report released today by the Rome-based United Nations International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), migrant workers living in Europe last year provided a lifeline to more than 150 million people around the world by sending home $109.4 billion in remittances.

Welcoming progress on human rights, UN official urges action to bolster protections and end abuses

15 June 2015 – While 70 years of work by the United Nations has helped build a formidable system of rights protections, the nagging persistence of “everything else” – wars and ongoing deprivation – is deeply worrying, the top UN human rights official declared today, urging renewed action to promote economic and social rights for all and tackle pervasive discrimination and repression.

New UN guidebook seeks to prevent child labour practices in agriculture

15 June 2015 – A new handbook issued by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) will seek to establish guidelines intended to prevent the use of child labour across the world's agricultural communities in an effort to tackle a problem that affects some one hundred million children globally, the United Nations agency announced today.

UN labour agency closes conference amid appeals for a sustainable ‘future of work’

13 June 2015 – The transformation of the global workforce must happen “here and now,” the head of the United Nations labour agency said today as he urged Member States to move ahead and implement changes critical for a sustainable, inclusive and green future of work.

In Turkmenistan, UN chief says future peace, development hinge on human rights

13 June 2015 – All efforts for sustainable development and a stable future must involve a deep respect for human rights and the strengthening of rule of law, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon affirmed today as he concluded his five-day tour of Central Asia with a visit to Turkmenistan.

On first-ever International Day, UN celebrates people with albinism and urges awareness of challenges they face

13 June 2015 – The first-ever day for International Albinism Awareness is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of people with albinism and join the struggle against the difficulties they face, senior United Nations officials said.

Sustainable transport essential to new global goals and low carbon economy – UN panel

12 June 2015 – A high-level United Nations advisory group established by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, agreed today to take measures that could accelerate a shift toward safer, healthier, more efficient and sustainable transport systems.

UN labour agency unveils historic employment standards against informal work

12 June 2015 – A new global standard aimed at lifting hundreds of millions of workers out of the informal economy and into regularized employment was adopted today in a move the United Nations International Labour Organization (ILO) has labelled as “historic.”