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Security Council backs UN special envoy’s plan to move Syrian political process forward

17 August 2015 – The United Nations Security Council reiterated today its demand that all parties to the conflict in Syria must cease any attacks against civilians, as well as any indiscriminate use of weapons in populated areas, and work towards a political solution to the years-long crisis.

Guinea-Bissau: Security Council says dialogue key to peaceful resolution of country's crisis

17 August 2015 – Expressing concern over the current political developments in Guinea-Bissau, the United Nations Security Council has called on leaders to seek dialogue and consensus in resolving the crisis in the interest of peace in the country.

No new Ebola cases reported in Sierra Leone in past week for first time since outbreak – UN

17 August 2015 – The United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) announced today that no new Ebola cases were reported during the most recent reporting period in Sierra Leone for the first time since the beginning of the outbreak in West Africa, thanks to strong community involvement and the thorough work of rapid response teams.

Helped by floating robots, UN-backed research ship scours Indian Ocean for plastic waste

14 August 2015 – The United Nations is supporting a project aiming to chart the impact of plastic waste, including garbage like plastic bags, and ‘microplastics’ used in products such as cosmetics and shower gels, in the Indian Ocean, underscoring the risk of dramatic upheavals in marine ecosystems even in one of the world's least-known and least-visited environments.

Mali: senior UN official urges sustained support for relief efforts amid ongoing crisis

14 August 2015 – Food insecurity in Mali will only grow if national parties fail to commit to peace and stability in the country, the United Nations relief official dealing with Africa’s Sahel region warned today as he urged the international community to remain engaged with the country’s urgent humanitarian needs.

Iraq: UN rights office hails reform package following countrywide protests

14 August 2015 – The United Nations human rights office has welcomed the Government of Iraq's response to mass protests against corruption and social inequality which crippled the country's capital earlier this month.

New UN agency report shows ‘unprecedented’ rise in infant mortality in Gaza

13 August 2015 – A new study carried out by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) has revealed that the infant mortality rate in the Gaza Strip has risen for the first time in 50 years, with the agency’s health director citing the ongoing blockade as possibly contributing to the trend.

Africa moves a step closer to polio eradication, but more work to be done – UN

12 August 2015 – Africa has made great strides towards eradicating polio but the job remains to be finished through strengthened immunization campaigns and surveillance measures, according to the United Nations.

On Youth Day, UN officials urge Member States to make young people ‘drivers of change’

12 August 2015 – Marking International Day of Youth, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon stressed that no one knows better than young people the issues at stake in today's rapidly changing world or the best way to respond, and declared: “That is why I am calling on young people to speak out – and I am urging leaders to listen.”

UN body stresses vital role of geospatial data to achieving sustainable development goals

11 August 2015 – Geographic information about people and the planet is critical to making better decisions and using resources more wisely, and will be vital to achieving the new Sustainable Development Goals that countries have recently agreed on, according to a United Nations expert on the issue.