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Speakers from Latin American region urge ‘results, not promises’ on UN goals

02 October 2015 – The Permanent Representative of Peru to the United Nations, Gustavo Meza-Cuadra, addressing the General Assembly today, highlighted both the new UN development agenda and the need to tackle climate change.

At UN, Turkmenistan proposes establishing climate change centre for Central Asia

02 October 2015 – In her address at the General Assembly, Aksoltan Ataeva, Permanent Representative of Turkmenistan to the United Nations, introduced a proposal to set up a climate change centre specifically for Central Asia.

‘Pursuit of happiness is fundamental human goal,’ Minister of Bhutan tells UN Assembly

02 October 2015 – Guided by its development philosophy of “Gross National Happiness,” Bhutan has consistently worked to ensure that the peace, security and well-being of its people always remain at the centre of development, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the South Asian country told the United Nations General Assembly today.

Only through wide-scale reforms will UN keep pace with changing times, Myanmar tells Assembly

02 October 2015 – Myanmar Foreign Minister U Wunna Maung Lwin mounted the podium of the General Assembly today to call for reforms of the United Nations, particularly the Security Council, to keep pace with a changing world.

Without system-wide reform, UN may fall short of primary objectives, says Indonesian Minister

02 October 2015 – Speaking at the United Nations General Assembly, Muhammad Jusuf Kalla, the Vice-President of Indonesia, remarked that despite the achievements UN has made over the past 70 years, the Organization may fall short of meeting its primary objectives, such as peace and security for all, unless system-wide reform is immediately undertaken.

Despite sanctions, Sudan remains determined to work towards new Global Goals, Minister tells UN

02 October 2015 – The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sudan told the United Nations General Assembly today that despite his country still being subjected to unilateral economic sanctions “which hinder the realization of its ambitions,” it is determined to ensure that the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) complement the process of peace, stability and growth.

Island States at UN Assembly call for stronger global partnerships to tackle crises

02 October 2015 – Leaders from, small island States took their turn at the podium of the United Nations General Assembly today to call for the strengthening of cooperation between international organizations in solving global crises, from resolving conflicts to tackling climate change.

UN officials propose setting up new fund for education in emergencies

02 October 2015 – Two senior United Nations officials today proposed the establishment of a humanitarian fund for education in emergencies that would offer millions of the world’s displaced children their first chance of schooling, as well as bridge the gap between relief assistance and development aid.

At UN, European leaders call to ‘halt atrocities’ and find political solution to crisis in Syria

02 October 2015 – On the fifth day of the United Nations General Assembly’s debate, European countries took to the podium delivering remarks focused on the importance of diplomacy, the need to address the refugee and migrant crisis affecting their continent, and the urgency with which the war in Syria needs to be brought to end.

Grenada joins regional call at UN for action on climate change

02 October 2015 – A framework for climate change “cannot wait,” Grenada’s Foreign Minister said today, joining other leaders from Latin America and the Caribbean calling for urgent action in the United Nations General Assembly.