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Nepalese Minister calls at UN for enhanced partnerships to address global challenges

01 October 2015 – Noting that the number of least developed countries (LDCs) has grown from 25 to 48 since 1971, with only four countries “graduating” from this status, the Deputy Prime Minister of Nepal today told the United Nations General Assembly that their struggle has been “unfairly long.”

UN must be more empowered in global governance, Cambodian leader tells Assembly

01 October 2015 – The Prime Minister of Cambodia, Namhong Hor highly commended the United Nations on its adoption of Agenda 2030, and stressed that the General Assembly should be more empowered to enhance global governance and manage global issues.

Nicaragua sees hand of capitalism behind world’s woes, calls for re-founded UN

01 October 2015 – Nicaragua today called for recreating and re-founding the United Nations as an equitable and democratic Organization, blaming capitalism for terrorism and the other humanitarian and environmental crises afflicting the world.

African leaders say UN Security Council must be reformed to include voice of their continent

01 October 2015 – The Vice-President of Angola, Manuel Domingos Vicente, was the first of several African leaders to address the United Nations General Assembly today, spotlighting, among other issues, the possibility of Security Council reform and the growing threat of terrorism.

At UN, Libya warns of ISIL’s increasing influence, calls for unanimity to end region's crises

30 September 2015 – In his address at the annual General Debate of the United Nations General Assembly, Libya’s Acting Head of State, Agila Saleh Essa Gwaider, reported on the “overwhelming threat” posed by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), which is hindering Libya from becoming to a transparent democracy.

In UN Assembly speech, Pakistan’s Prime Minister proposes new peace initiative with India

30 September 2015 – Speaking at the United Nations General Assembly, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif proposed today renewed peace talks with India, aimed at defining the relationship between the Asian countries ‘as one of cooperation, not confrontation.’

Terrorism and climate change greatest threats to humanity, Bangladeshi leader tells UN Assembly

30 September 2015 – As the global community marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh told the UN General Assembly today that two global challenges pose the greatest threat to the sustainability of humankind: terrorism and violent extremism, and climate change.

‘UN has no equal,’ Sultan of Brunei tells Assembly, praising scope of new sustainability agenda

30 September 2015 – Despite what some people may say about its effectiveness, the Sultan of Brunei today told world leaders in the General Assembly that the United Nations has no equal, and 70 years of existence is a testament to its relevance.

Central American leaders say UN must be reformed and democratized to tackle today’s crises

30 September 2015 – As the annual high-level segment of the General Assembly entered its third day, leaders from Central America stressed reform of United Nations institutions and the urgent need to bolster multilateral relations between States.

Citing Israeli violations, Palestinian leader renounces security, political accords at UN Assembly

30 September 2015 – On the day that the Palestinian flag was raised at United Nations Headquarters for the first time, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas today renounced political and security accords with Israel, saying it must now resume its responsibilities as occupying Power, due to its continual violations of the 20-year-old agreements.