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Science stands at heart of sustainable future, UNESCO says on World Science Day

10 November 2015 – Citing science, technology and innovation as key components of the upcoming United Nations climate change negotiations in Paris, the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) today urged governments to “do everything to support societies across the world, on every continent, to create and share knowledge.”

Greenhouse gas concentrations hit yet another record – UN weather agency

09 November 2015 – The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) announced today that the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere reached yet another new record high in 2014, continuing a relentless rise which is fuelling climate change and will make the planet more dangerous and inhospitable for future generations.

Ahead of UN conference, World Bank says 'climate-smart' development can keep 100 million people out of poverty

08 November 2015 – Without inclusive and climate-smart development, alongside efforts to rein in greenhouse gas emissions that protect the poor, agricultural shocks, natural disasters and the spread of diseases could push more than 100 million additional people into poverty by 2030, the World Bank warns in a new report released just weeks ahead of a major United Nations climate conference in Paris.

Green Climate Fund approves first eight investments to combat climate change

06 November 2015 – Meeting ahead of the United Nations climate conference in Paris, the Green Climate Fund (GCF) Board, announced today that it approved $168 million of its funding for projects and programmes worth $624 million, marking the end of its launch phase and kick-starting the flow of climate finance to developing countries.

National climate targets signal ‘unprecedented momentum’ for climate agreement in Paris – UN report

06 November 2015 – Implementation of the national climate plans prepared by countries ahead of the Paris climate meeting will limit greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2030, but a new climate agreement can encourage further action that will be necessary to limit global temperature rise to 2 degree Celsius by 2100, according to a new United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) report.

‘Climate change knows no national borders,’ Ban says, urging consensus-building ahead of Paris conference

04 November 2015 – With the “deadline” for concluding a universal climate agreement just four weeks away, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today warned that despite months of talks and critical pledges on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, key issues still remain in play – on equity and differentiation, on finance and ambition – requiring world leaders to give clear guidance to their negotiators to seek compromise and reach a fair, universal deal at the upcoming UN climate conference in Paris

Climate change poses ‘major threat’ to food security, warns UN expert

03 November 2015 – Climate change poses severe and distinct threats to food security, and could subject an additional 600 million people to malnutrition by 2080, a United Nations human rights expert warned today.

UN treaty-making body opens with focus on rapidly expanding radiocommunications

02 November 2015 – The United Nations World Radiocommunication Conference 2015 opened today in Geneva aiming to address the rapid evolution of information and communication technologies (ICT), to ensure the global management of the radio-frequency spectrum and satellite orbits, and to enable people to live and travel safely while enjoying high performance radiocommunications.

UN officials say good urban design key to ensuring sustainable, inclusive cities

30 October 2015 – On the occasion of World Cities Day, top United Nations officials are highlighting the key role of urban design in building sustainable, socially integrated and prosperous cities and human settlements.

Global tourism grew by more than 4 per cent this year, UN tourism barometer shows

30 October 2015 – The number of tourists travelling the world during the first eight months of this year reached 810 million, a more than 4 per cent increase from the same period in 2014, thanks to “robust” travel to Europe, according to the United Nations World Tourism Barometer.