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As UN-backed talks continue, Security Council calls for political solution to Libyan crisis

17 June 2015 – The Security Council has emphasized the urgency for Libyan stakeholders to reach a political solution to the country’s crisis amid ongoing United Nations-facilitated talks.

At Security Council, UN force commanders recount challenges of modern peacekeeping

17 June 2015 – From Mali to South Sudan and the Middle East and beyond, United Nations peacekeepers are tackling peace and security challenges of increasing intensity and broader global breadth, the top UN peacekeeping official said today as he urged the full support of the international community for the Organization’s ‘blue helmets’ as they confront the world’s manifold threats.

‘Essential shifts’ needed for UN to tackle new peacekeeping challenges, report reveals

16 June 2015 – Focus on the political solutions, responsive and flexible operations, stronger partnerships and field-focused and people-centered mandates; these are the essential shifts the United Nations must urgently address as it faces challenging new landscapes in peacekeeping and conflict prevention, the chair of a high-level expert panel said today, introducing a long-awaited report at the world body’s New York Headquarters.

South Sudanese refugee influx in Sudan ‘an emergency within an emergency’ – UN

15 June 2015 – The United Nations refugee agency reported today that some 14,000 South Sudanese – mainly women and children – have fled into Sudan over the weekend, describing the situation as “an emergency within an emergency.”

‘Libya doesn’t have time,’ says UN envoy, urging parties to make political draft ‘a final one’

10 June 2015 – Amid “very encouraging signs” in the United Nations-facilitated Libyan political dialogue, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative on the North African nation today said that “time has come to make an agreement” and if possible, before or at the beginning of Ramadan, which begins on 17 June.

Presenting draft proposal, UN envoy urges Libyan parties to ‘heal rift that has torn your country apart’

09 June 2015 – Telling stakeholders in Libya’s dialogue that “mothers across [the country] have their eyes on you,” the United Nations envoy for Libya presented draft political proposal and said that the time had finally come for the parties to take the difficult decision to make peace and begin the process towards national reconciliation.

Almost 1,000 civilians killed in Afghanistan conflict during the first 4 months of this year

08 June 2015 – The conflict in Afghanistan is resulting in thousands of people being killed or wounded, forcing families to leave their homes and seek refuge in neighbouring communities, according to Mark Bowden, the UN Secretary-General’s Deputy Special Representative in the country.

Libyan political dialogue round set for Monday in Morocco – UN mission

05 June 2015 – The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) announced today that the next round of Libyan political dialogue sessions in Skhirat, Morocco, will commence on Monday, 8 June.

Security Council condemns South Sudan violence, expresses concern over expulsion of UN relief coordinator

03 June 2015 – Renewing its support to the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) and the vital mandate it is performing to protect civilians there, the Security Council today expressed its grave concern over the security and humanitarian situation in the country, which has been torn by “a conflict that is only growing more violent as it nears its 18th month.”

Libya: UN envoy meets political actors and activists on reaching final agreement to end crisis

03 June 2015 – The only option Libya has, “the only real alternative for the future,” is an agreement, Special Representative and head of the United Nations Support Mission in the country (UNSMIL), Bernardino León said at a meeting in Algeria with Libyan political leaders and activists today.