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Intra-Syrian talks advancing without ‘excessive rhetoric,’ says UN envoy

18 March 2016 – As the first week of the new round of intra-Syrian talks ended today, the United Nations Special Envoy for Syria said the “proximity system” of the discussions, whereby parties are meeting indirectly through his mediation, has contributed to the talks moving forward.

Medical relief ‘single most difficult issue’ for humanitarian access in Syria – UN advisor

17 March 2016 – The advisor to the UN envoy on Syria today stressed the need to obtain Government permits to dispatch aid convoys to the remaining six of the 18 besieged locations and stressed that “the issue of medical relief continues to be the single most difficult issue in humanitarian access work,” with medical items and personnel are being taken off the relief vehicles.

FEATURE: A conversation with female ambassadors about the UN Security Council

17 March 2016 – While the gender ratio between female and male diplomats at the United Nations is becoming more balanced overall, the number of women ambassadors in the Security Council has fallen from its peak of six women in 2014 to four in 2015 to just one this year. How has this influenced the top collective decision-making body on peace and security, and what, if anything, does this say about the future of UN diplomacy and peacebuilding?

‘Raise your voices’ to create a better world, Ban urges students at New York’s Lehman College

17 March 2016 – Delivering a lecture at Lehman College in New York, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today urged students to join the global fight against conflicts, poverty, inequality, migration crisis, diseases, and climate change.

Security Council urges all parties in Lebanon to 'put national interest ahead of partisan politics'

17 March 2016 – Deeply concerned over the 21-month vacancy in the presidency of Lebanon and the current political stalemate in Government, the United Nations Security Council today called on Lebanese leaders to adhere to the Constitution and put to put the country's stability and national interests ahead of partisan politics.

Future of Liberia and UN presence in the country discussed at Security Council

17 March 2016 – One year since Liberian authorities launched a “historic undertaking” to assume full responsibility of the country’s security by the end of next June, top United Nations officials today discussed what measures are needed to support the implantation of the plan.