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'Prevailing calm should not be confused with stability,' warns UN envoy for Lebanon

08 July 2016 – The United Nations envoy for Lebanon has asked the UN Security Council to devote greater attention to situation there, including the deteriorating security conditions, weakening State institutions and the need for continued dispersal of funding for the refugees hosted by the country.

In China, Ban highlights country’s leadership on sustainable development, climate change

07 July 2016 – In China today, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon highlighted the country’s relationship with the Organization, noting in particular its crucial role in improving tensions, building peace and promoting the agenda on climate change.

INTERVIEW: UN health official discusses unprecedented vaccination campaign to tackle cholera in Haiti

05 July 2016 – The World Health Organization (WHO) Representative for Haiti, Jean-Luc Poncelet today stressed that vaccines along with water chlorination programmes, and longer-term efforts to improve water and the overall health system are vital to fight the prevalence of cholera in the country.

UN humanitarian coordinator alarmed at deteriorating conditions in besieged Syrian towns

05 July 2016 – The United Nations humanitarian coordinator for Syria has expressed alarm over reports of deteriorating humanitarian conditions and urgent medical evacuation needs in the towns of Madaya, Foah, Zabadani and Kefraya, where more than 62,000 people are besieged.

UN and partners warn of growing poverty for Syrian refugees

05 July 2016 – While significant progress has been made in providing assistance, the number of Syrian refugees living in poverty continues to rise in host countries in the region and access to basic services remains a critical challenge, a new United Nations report warned today.

FEATURE: After two decades, genocide survivor opens up about her anger and forgiveness

01 July 2016 – “Being a hero is being able to give a smile to the person who sold you death,” said Frida Umuhoza, who was barely a teenager when her entire family – including her grandparents, parents and five siblings – were killed in the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.

Two UN agencies team up to protect cultural heritage with geo-spatial technologies

01 July 2016 – Two United Nations agencies have signed an agreement to protect cultural and natural heritage sites by using the latest geo-spatial technologies, including a satellite imaging system.

UN chief signs condolence book for victims of Turkish terrorism attack

30 June 2016 – There is no justification for terrorism, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today reiterated after signing a book of condolences for the victims of the attack at Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport.

Condemning death of Syrian journalist, UNESCO head highlights protection of civilians in conflicts

30 June 2016 – The head of the United Nations agency tasked with defending the freedom of the media today denounced the death of Syrian photojournalist, Khalid Al Issa, who was killed after a homemade bomb detonated in his building.

Syria: UN envoy urges ‘well prepared’ peace talks for concrete political transition

29 June 2016 – The United Nations envoy mediating a resolution to the crisis in Syria today said that the next round of the intra-Syrian talks must be well prepared to ensure the possibility of moving forward with the decisive outcome of a political transition in August.