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At Security Council, senior UN official warns Middle East status quo ‘not tenable’

19 May 2015 – The Middle East is threatened by “a vicious tide of terror and extremism” amid stalled peace negotiations and growing regional tensions, a United Nations envoy on the region warned today.

Iraq and global community must protect internally displaced as crisis deepens – UN expert

19 May 2015 – A United Nations human rights expert today urged the Government of Iraq to step-up its efforts and give a higher priority to nearly three million internally displaced persons (IDPs).

In Geneva, UN envoy on Syria meets with international stakeholders amid ongoing consultations

18 May 2015 – The United Nations Special Envoy for Syria has continued to meet with Syrian, regional and international interlocutors today in the framework of the Geneva Consultations, according to a spokesperson for the Organization.

Civilians in Yarmouk facing vulnerability of ‘highest severity,’ says UN agency

18 May 2015 – As the United Nations agency assisting Palestinian refugees in the Middle East continued humanitarian operations in around the Yarmouk Camp, deep concerns remained about violence that continues to profoundly threaten the lives and safety of Palestine refugees.