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Security Council authorizes UN, partners to use most direct routes for Syria aid delivery

14 July 2014 – In response to the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Syria, the Security Council today adopted a resolution aimed at increasing access to civilians in difficult-to-reach areas by authorizing the delivery of assistance across borders and conflict lines.

Lebanon faces ‘national calamity’ as refugee crisis deepens, UN relief official warns

14 July 2014 – The top United Nations relief official in Lebanon today warned of the implications for Lebanon as the number of refugees in the country grows amid the ongoing conflict in Syria as well as unrest in Iraq and now Gaza.

Syria: UN agency urges Europe to shoulder more of refugee challenge

11 July 2014 – With Syria heading into its fourth year of conflict, a United Nations agency today called on Europe to do more to help Syrian refugees, after a new report found that some nations in the region are turning back asylum seekers and ‘shouldering only a small part’ of the challenges.

UN chief appoints Staffan de Mistura as special envoy for Syria crisis

10 July 2014 – United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today announced that he has appointed veteran diplomat Staffan de Mistura as the new special envoy tasked with seeking a peaceful resolution of the ongoing conflict in Syria.

Challenges facing Lebanon highlight urgent need to fill presidential vacuum – UN envoy

09 July 2014 – The United Nations envoy for Lebanon today stressed the urgent need for the country’s leaders to agree on the election of a new president as soon as possible in light of the situation on the ground, which is marked by renewed terrorist threats and the growing refugee population resulting from the conflict in neighbouring Syria.

Latest boat tragedy off Libya coast spotlights rising Mediterranean death toll – UN agency

08 July 2014 – Search and rescue operations are ongoing for survivors following a recent boat accident in the Mediterranean, the latest tragic incident off the Libyan coast of Tripoli, according to the United Nations Refugee agency (UNHCR).

Syrian refugee mothers in ‘spiral of hardship’, UN reports

08 July 2014 – One in four of all Syrian refugee families in Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan are headed by women who, on their own, are struggling to make ends meet and take care of their increasingly traumatized families, the United Nations today reported, calling for more resources to aid these single mothers.

Syria: Besieged Palestinians in refugee camp 'will likely go hungry,' UN agency warns

06 July 2014 – Unable for more than a month now to deliver food and other supplies to Palestinians trapped in a refugee camp near Damascus, the United Nations agency tasked with ensuring their well-being said today it is urgently seeking to resume its humanitarian activities, warning that the civilians would likely go hungry.

Food prices decline for third straight month – UN agency

03 July 2014 – Global food prices dip for a third consecutive month in June following a ten-month surge, the United Nations agriculture agency said today.

Syria: UN agency warns of grave risks to refugees if funding gaps remain unmet

03 July 2014 – Failure to close the funding gap to meet the needs of the growing number of people fleeing the conflict in Syria could mean grave risks for the refugees as well as for the stability of the region, according to the United Nations refugee agency.