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UN chief Guterres highlights importance of sustainable energy in message to EXPO 2017

10 June 2017 – Underlining the importance of energy, in particular for realizing the Sustainable Development Goals, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres called for urgent action to ensure that everyone has access to clean, affordable and efficient energy so that they can rise to their full potential.

UN Ocean Conference wraps up with actions to restore ocean health, protect marine life

09 June 2017 – The first-ever United Nations summit on oceans today wrapped up with a global agreement to reverse the decline of the ocean's health, and more than 1,300 pledged actions for protecting the blue.

Inclusive development 'best form of preventing conflict,' UN chief tells Central Asia summit

09 June 2017 – Secretary-General António Guterres today stressed the importance of partnership between the United Nations and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in achieving global development goals and combating some of today's key threats to peace and security, such as terrorism.

China's Liu Zhenmin named new head of UN Economic and Social Affairs Department

08 June 2017 – United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres today appointed Liu Zhenmin of China as the next Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs.

Working together, ‘we can ensure that our oceans remain healthy as our blue home’ – UN chief

08 June 2017 – The future of the planet’s oceans is burdened by threats such as climate change, pollution and destructive fishing practices – and the lack of capacities to address these threats – United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has said, calling for joint global action to ensure “that our oceans are peaceful, safe and bountiful, and remain healthy as our blue home.”

FEATURE: Relationship with ocean vital part of Trinidad and Tobago culture

07 June 2017 – Oceans comprise roughly three-quarters of the Earth’s surface and play an essential role in human well-being, producing half the oxygen necessary for life on the planet. They also serve as the backdrop for another important component of a well-rounded life: recreation.

Musician Cody Simpson to be named 'Ocean Advocate' for UN development agency

07 June 2017 – To mark World Oceans Day, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) will name Australian musician Cody Simpson as its first-ever Ocean Advocate to help raise awareness of the crucial role the ocean plays in the health of the planet and people.

Record 'green' energy capacity added in 2016 as cost for renewables plunges – UN-backed report

07 June 2017 – The world is now adding more green energy capacity each year than it adds in new capacity from all fossil fuels combined, a United Nations-backed report revealed today, showing that the “renewables train has already left the station” and those who ignore this will be left behind.

As booming digital economy sprints past poor countries, UN report urges closing investment divide

07 June 2017 – Even though digital multinational enterprises – Internet and e-commerce platforms such as Uber, Instagram and Facebook – saw “dramatic” growth over the past few years, more than 60 of the top 100 such ventures were concentrated in three countries, leaving much room for growth elsewhere, a new, ground-breaking United Nations report revealed today.

UN artificial intelligence summit aims to tackle poverty, humanity's 'grand challenges'

07 June 2017 – Artificial intelligence (AI) is responsible for self-driving cars and voice-recognition smart phones, but the United Nations this week is refocusing AI on sustainable development and assisting global efforts to eliminate poverty and hunger, and to protect the environment.