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Madagascar urges steps towards meaningful agreement at upcoming UN climate talks

01 October 2015 – Having just launched the landmark new Global Goals, the United Nations now has a “rendezvous with history,” the President of the Madagascar declared today, telling the General Assembly that the new framework would set the world on the path to sustainability and that a vital first step on the path would be to secure a concrete agreement at the Paris climate conference in December.

UN must be more empowered in global governance, Cambodian leader tells Assembly

01 October 2015 – The Prime Minister of Cambodia, Namhong Hor highly commended the United Nations on its adoption of Agenda 2030, and stressed that the General Assembly should be more empowered to enhance global governance and manage global issues.

In UN address, Kyrgyzstan pledges full commitment to combat against terrorism

01 October 2015 – Addressing a range of issues before the United Nations General Assembly today, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan, Erlan Abdyldayev, welcomed the new 2030 Agenda, stressed the right of each State to development and underscored the need to combat terrorism and violent extremism.

European leaders at UN urge concerted action amid ‘unprecedented’ humanitarian crises

01 October 2015 – Several European leaders took to the podium today at the UN General Assembly’s annual debate, highlighting that the world is again living in restless times, especially in light of the unprecedented scale of humanitarian crises, including the migrant and refugee crisis.

Given global tensions, Alliance of Civilizations needed more than ever – UN officials

01 October 2015 – United Nations officials today stressed the ever-growing importance of the Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC), especially in light of the rising xenophobia, intolerance and extremism being witnessed in various parts of the world.

Addressing UN Assembly, India says Pakistan must eschew terrorism before talks can begin

01 October 2015 – In her address at the 70th United Nations General Assembly, Sushma Swaraj, India’s Minister for External Affairs, responded to Pakistan’s peace initiative underscoring that while her country remains open to dialogue, Pakistan must eschew terrorism before serious talks between the two sides could begin.

Unlocking potential of least developed countries must be litmus test of Global Goals – Ban

01 October 2015 – The world’s poorest nations not only face vast challenges, they represent enormous reservoirs of untapped potential, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon stated today, adding that unlocking this potential will be the litmus test of the new global sustainable developed agenda.

At UN, President of Montenegro urges broader respect for human rights

01 October 2015 – Addressing the General Assembly today, President Filip Vujanoviÿ of Montenegro spoke about his country’s intensification in efforts to improve human rights for all and to combat rights violations when they occur.

At UN Assembly, Georgian leader warns of region’s security threats

01 October 2015 – In his address at the 70th United Nations General Assembly, Irakli Garibashvili, Georgia’s Prime Minister said his country is building democracy even in the face of security threats in the region, and condemned Russia’s ongoing annexation of its territories.

African leaders say UN Security Council must be reformed to include voice of their continent

01 October 2015 – The Vice-President of Angola, Manuel Domingos Vicente, was the first of several African leaders to address the United Nations General Assembly today, spotlighting, among other issues, the possibility of Security Council reform and the growing threat of terrorism.