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On path to global eradication, UN health agency certifies 11 Asian nations free of polio

27 March 2014 – The United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) today certified as polio-free 11 countries in Asia that together are home to a quarter of the global population.

Ban increasingly concerned about reported missile launches by DPR Korea

27 March 2014 – Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is increasingly concerned about the successive reports of new launches of ballistic missiles by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), according to his spokesperson.

On International Day, Ban honours victims of gross human rights violations

24 March 2014 – At a time when human rights violations persist around the world, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon stressed the importance of the individual and collective right to the truth for the promotion of humanitarian law and justice, and called on the international community to recommit to helping victims and protecting those who fight to uncover facts.

Security Council imposes sanctions on illicit crude oil exports from Libya

19 March 2014 – The Security Council today unanimously adopted a resolution condemning attempts to illicitly export crude oil from Libya and imposing sanctions on vessels involved in such efforts.

Head of UN rights probe on DPR Korea urges accountability for ‘unspeakable atrocities’

17 March 2014 – Detailing a raft of “unspeakable atrocities” committed in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) “without parallel in the modern world,” the head of a United Nations-mandated probe into the human rights situation there called today on the international community to hold the country to account, including through referral to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

DPR Korea: Security Council extends expert panel assisting sanctions committee

05 March 2014 – The Security Council today extended for another 13 months the mandate of the panel of experts dealing with United Nations sanctions imposed on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) for testing nuclear arms.

Nuclear safety, Iran and DPR Korea among pressing issues for UN atomic watchdog

03 March 2014 – The United Nations atomic energy chief today highlighted some of the most pressing issues on the agenda of his agency, ranging from nuclear safety to verification of the activities of Iran and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK).

UN Human Rights Council opens with calls to protect, support civil society activism

03 March 2014 – Noting that more and more people around the world are taking to the streets to lay claim to their rights, United Nations officials opened the latest session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva today with calls for the protection of members of civil society who pursue justice in their countries.