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Nobel Peace Prize a timely message to all Colombians who have toiled so hard for peace – UN chief

07 October 2016 – Following the awarding of the 2016 Nobel Prize for Peace to Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today that the award is a timely message to all who have strived hard for peace, and that it provides needed hope and encouragement to all Colombians.

UN agencies ramp up response in Caribbean as relief teams assess damage by Hurricane Matthew

06 October 2016 – After deploying field teams to Caribbean countries affected by Hurricane Matthew, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) are today heading to Haiti, where they are preparing for a major upsurge in cholera.

Eastern Aleppo may be ‘totally destroyed’ by end of year, warns UN envoy

06 October 2016 – Detailing the bloodshed in eastern Aleppo, where in the last two weeks, 376 people – half of them children – have been killed, 1,266 injured, hospitals destroyed, and “all sorts of ammunitions” and weapons used, the United Nations Special Envoy for Syria underscored today that this part of the iconic city may be totally destroyed in two months, leaving thousands dead and forcing countless more to flee.

Stalled peace process, fresh ceasefire violations risk Mali’s stability – UN peacekeeping chief

06 October 2016 – Citing a lack of progress on the peace process in Mali, the United Nations peacekeeping chief today warned that the UN mission there would not be able to fully carry out its mandate as long as the signatories to the peace agreement do not resolutely engage in its implementation.

After disclosure on Bahamas tax havens, UN experts urge governments to take action

06 October 2016 – In the wake of the recent disclosure of leaked Bahamas tax haven data, United Nations human rights experts today urged governments to work together on liquidating offshore tax avoidance and establishing tougher financial regulations.

With record harvests, world’s food import bill expected to fall 11 per cent – UN agency

06 October 2016 – With prices for most of the internationally-traded agricultural commodities, especially for the staple grains remaining relatively ‘low and stable,’ it is expected the global food import prices will fall to a six-year low, the United Nations agricultural agency said today.

Security Council recommends former Prime Minister of Portugal Guterres as next UN Secretary-General

06 October 2016 – The Security Council today formally chose the former Prime Minister of Portugal, António Guterres, as its nominee to be the next Secretary-General of the United Nations for a five-year term when incumbent Ban Ki-moon steps down on 31 December.

Countries back UN agency's landmark framework to curb aviation emissions

06 October 2016 – Member States of the United Nations civil aviation agency agreed today on a new emissions standard to control global greenhouse gas emissions from international airline flights.

Libya: As situation worsens, UN envoy calls for pause in fighting near Benghazi

06 October 2016 – Expressing deep concern over the plight of civilians caught in the cross-fight in a Benghazi neighbourhood, a senior United Nations official in Libya has called for a humanitarian pause to allow aid to reach those in urgent need and as well as a safe passage for those who wish to leave.

With ‘unstoppable’ momentum, Paris climate pact set for early November entry into force – UN chief

05 October 2016 – United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced today that the Paris Agreement on climate change signed by world leaders this past April is set to enter into force on 4 November, as enough countries have signed onto the landmark accord to bring it to the emissions threshold that will trigger its implementation.