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UN chief concerned by rising number of executions in Iran

19 October 2015 – Expressing his “deep sadness” at the recent execution by Iran of two juvenile offenders, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today noted with concern the alarming increase in executions in the country over the last decade.

Global event to turn world 'UN blue' to mark 70th anniversary of United Nations

19 October 2015 – Ahead of UN Day, marked annually on 24 October, the United Nations announced today that around 200 iconic monuments, buildings, museums, bridges and other landmarks in nearly 60 countries around the world will be lit up blue – the official colour of the Organization – as part of a global campaign to commemorate its 70th anniversary.

Ban inaugurates exhibition on UN's 70th anniversary, meets with students in Slovak capital

19 October 2015 – During a visit to the capital of Slovakia today, the United Nations Secretary-General inaugurated an exhibition commemorating the 70th anniversary of Organization, featured at the National Council of the Slovak Republic.

In Slovakia, Ban highlights importance of 'living harmoniously' and sustainably

19 October 2015 – Visiting the Slovakian city of Levoca, the United Nations Secretary-General stressed the importance of the role of the local community, particularly mayors and governors, and the importance of living harmoniously and in a sustainable way.

'Non-violence requires more courage than violence,' Ban tells people of Israel and Palestine, appealing for end to conflict

19 October 2015 – Amid roiling tensions in the Middle East, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has taken to the airwaves to speak directly to the peoples of Israel and Palestine and to urge the leaders on both sides to end the “posturing and brinkmanship” and get serious about pursuing the two-state solution –“the only solution capable of durably stanching the bloodshed hatred and fear.