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Bangladesh: one year on, UN welcomes initial payments to survivors of factory collapse

23 April 2014 – One year after the global garment industry’s worst industrial accident, the fund chaired by the United Nations to compensate victims of Bangladesh’s Rana Plaza factory collapse has begun issuing its initial round of payments, as efforts to address the root causes of the disaster continue.

UN in DR Congo pledges support, good offices to upcoming polls

23 April 2014 – The United Nations Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) will provide technical and logistical support for upcoming elections, the top UN official in the country today confirmed, stressing that the planning for the polls must be well organized and well-funded.

UN envoy reaffirms world body’s strong resolve to stay the course in Somalia

23 April 2014 – The top United Nations envoy in Somalia today called on the country’s international partners to boost support to aid peacebuilding and humanitarian efforts there, while reaffirming that the world body has no plans to withdraw amid attacks by Al-Shabaab militants.

Mali’s peace train ‘cannot be turned back,’ senior UN official tells Security Council

23 April 2014 – Calling for continued cooperation with regional organizations to support Mali’s steady efforts towards peace and stability through inclusive talks, a senior United Nations official today told the Security Council that despite progress, the security situation in the country’s restive north remains “very fragile” with increased activity by terrorist groups.

Long-term food production must factor in potential impacts of climate change – UN official

23 April 2014 – Countries need to shift to more sustainable food systems to adapt to the effects of climate change, the Director-General of the United Nations Food and Drug Organization (FAO) José Graziano da Silva told a conference in Morocco today, warning that the phenomenon has the potential to reshape the planet’s food production scenario.

World Book Day: new UN report spotlights potential of mobile technology to advance literacy

23 April 2014 – Mobile technology can advance literacy and learning in underserved communities around the world, according to a new report published today by the United Nations education agency on the occasion of World Book and Copyright Day.

UN expert calls for consultations on reforming Côte d’Ivoire’s electoral commission

23 April 2014 – A United Nations human rights expert today called on authorities in Côte d’Ivoire to undertake broad consultations on the reform of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) to prevent the country from “falling back into crisis.”

South Sudan: UN peacekeeping chief says attack on base sheltering civilians 'sets dangerous precedent'

23 April 2014 – Warning today that the surging violence in South Sudan is clear evidence that the United Nations can no longer operate in “business-as-usual” mode in the county, the Organization's peacekeeping chief declared that the fighting must stop immediately; the Government has a duty to protect civilians; and the warring parties should negotiate a genuine ceasefire that will be respected by all sides.

Myanmar: UNICEF warns children of Kachin face growing threats due to recent fighting

22 April 2014 – Recent fighting between Government forces and Kachin rebels in Myanmar, and the resulting displacement of thousands of people, has significantly increased the risks to young people, including possible recruitment, limited access to basic services and the threat of landmines, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) warned today.

South Sudan: UN says surging violence claimed lives of children, worsened malnutrition among survivors

22 April 2014 – Confirming that children were killed in South Sudan during recent brutal attacks on displaced civilians or as a result of being recruited by armed groups, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) warned today that the surging violence is exacerbating an already “very dangerous” malnutrition crisis.