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Ban condemns terrorist attack on Yemeni mosque that leaves more than 30 dead

04 September 2015 – United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has today strongly condemned the suicide attack against a mosque in the northern Jarraf district of Sana’a in Yemen.

UN humanitarian air service in dire need of to continue life-saving work in Sudan – UN agency

04 September 2015 – A lack of funding in Sudan could have serious repercussions on the ground, the World Food Programme (WFP) said today, warning that the United Nations Humanitarian Air Service, which serves as a vital aid link in the country, needs nearly $10 million to remain operational.

Citing marginal gains, UN human rights chief warns Central African Republic still ‘gripped by fear’

04 September 2015 – The human rights situation in the Central African Republic (CAR) is far better than it was at the height of the conflict in late 2013 and early 2014, but is still a cause of anxiety for both the country’s own inhabitants and the United Nations, the world body’s human rights chief said today.

Yemen: UN emergency fund releases $15 million for critical aid operations

04 September 2015 – The head of the United Nations humanitarian wing today released an emergency allocation of $15 million to help alleviate the “almost incomprehensible” scale of human suffering in Yemen where a “shocking” four out of every five Yemenis are lacking in such basic items for survival as clean water, food, fuel, and medicines.

G20 nations weighed down by weak economic growth and lack of decent jobs – UN backed report

04 September 2015 – In advance of the Group of 20 (G20) meetings taking place this week in Ankara, Turkey, a United Nations-backed inter-agency report has warned that growth among the economies of those countries has slowed considerably over the last three years and unemployment rates remain unacceptably high.

UN urges Europe to admit 200,000 refugees from Syria, Iraq and other war zones

04 September 2015 – Declaring that Europe is facing “a moment of truth” with hundreds of thousands of people risking their lives to cross the Mediterranean Sea, the head of the United Nations refugee agency today urged the European Union (EU) to admit up to 200,000 asylum-seekers fleeing conflict zones like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Ukraine: UN agencies call for urgent action to stop spread of polio virus

04 September 2015 – The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the World Health Organization (WHO) called today on parents in Ukraine to vaccinate their children following a confirmed polio outbreak in the country.

Liberia again declared free of Ebola transmission as number of cases remains stable in wider West Africa

03 September 2015 – The World Health Organization (WHO) today declared Liberia free of Ebola virus transmission after the disease had resurfaced in June, and as the country enters a 90-day period of heightened surveillance, the number of cases in the rest of West Africa remained stable at three for the fifth consecutive week.

‘Shock must be matched by action,’ UNICEF chief says as Europe’s refugee and migrant crisis deepens

03 September 2015 – As the “heart-breaking” image of a drowned refugee boy who washed up on a beach in Turkey ricocheted around the world on social media, along with equally painful images of children lying suffocated in the backs of trucks crossing borders and being passed over barbed wire fences by desperate parents, Anthony Lake, Executive Director of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) today made a powerful plea for action to protect migrant and refugee children.

India teams up with UN-backed alliance to accelerate financial inclusion for all

03 September 2015 – The Government of India has taken a step closer to becoming a cashless economy by joining the Better Than Cash Alliance, a United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) initiative that helps enable countries transition to electronic payments.