Headlines at a glance

15 February 2017

PODCAST: The power of bearing witness – how rape became an ‘act of genocide’

Situation in Central African Republic warrants continued international attention, UN Security Council told

UN kicks off preparations for upcoming summit on oceans, launches voluntary commitment website

In Cairo, UN chief Guterres underscores political solutions to ease tensions in regional hotspots

Innovative, coordinated response helps end yellow fever outbreak in Angola, DR Congo – UN agency

Teleworking may seem easier, but it could disrupt your work-life balance – UN reports

In a period of 'profound uncertainty,' stand up for human rights, urges UN rights chief in global appeal

UN emergency food agency to feed some 220,000 people in conflict-affected Ukraine

14 February 2017

UN chief Guterres announces steps towards reforming Organization’s peace and security architecture

Ukraine: UN warns of civilian casualties in ‘face to face’ fighting in country's east

UN food relief agency working with Sri Lanka to end hunger and malnutrition

Guinea-Bissau: Sustaining economic growth requires political stability, says UN envoy

In Oman, UN chief Guterres seeks ways to help bring peace to Middle East

Synthetic drugs are making headway in Afghanistan, UN agency reports

Drought drives food price spike in East Africa, UN warns

Nine countries join UN-supported network to halve maternal, newborn deaths in clinics

Reported killings in DR Congo town could amount to serious rights violations - UN rights arm

13 February 2017

Civilians in Syria’s ‘Four Towns’ need support as humanitarian catastrophe looms – UN relief official

UN Security Council urges joint measures to protect ‘critical infrastructure’ from terrorist attacks

In Dubai, UN chief addresses deficit of trust between governments, citizens and institutions

Make food systems climate resilient now or future production will be compromised – UN warns

UN strongly condemns DPR Korea's ballistic missile launch

'Radio provides accessible, real-time medium to bridge divides,' UNESCO says on World Day

UN and partners launch muliti-year appeal for DR Congo

Amid unprecedented needs, UN and partners launch $1.6 billion aid appeal for South Sudan

12 February 2017

Afghanistan: UN mission expresses grave concern at high civilian casualties in Helmand

UN chief Guterres engages in 'constructive' discussions on Yemen, Libya with Saudi Foreign Minister

11 February 2017

Security Council strongly condemns continued fighting in South Sudan

In Turkey, UN chief Guterres discusses Syria, Iraq, Cyprus with President

DR Congo: UN mission strongly condemns persistent violence in Kasai Provinces

'The world needs science and science needs women,' UN says on International Day