inquiry underscore vital need for reform – Annan"/> inquiry underscore vital need for reform – Annan"/>

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After final Volcker report, Annan pledges UN reforms,
says national authorities must act to thwart illicit deals
We already have proposals for reforms that will ensure that, in future, we are better equipped to handle this sort of programme.
Kofi Annan, in press remarks on final Volcker report 

   In a statement, Annan says he intends to pursue reforms “with even greater       vigour” to enhance oversight, transparency and accountability at the UN.

   Volcker briefs UN Member States on probe's findings | Video
Response to previous reports
07 Sep. ’05: Annan's statement [] | Press remarks | [] | Council meeting summary []
08 Aug. ’05: Malloch Brown's opening statement | Press briefing | Video
29 Mar. ’05: Annan's statement | Press briefing | Video
03 Feb. '05: Annan's statement | Press briefing | Video
Independent Inquiry Committee (IIC)
IIC panel members:
Chairman, Paul Volcker
Member Richard Goldstone
Member Mark Pieth
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Oil-for-Food: Focus on relief aid

A sampling of the life-saving work done by UN agencies in Iraq

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Security Council
UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan
Kofi Annan
We must find out the truth as quickly as possible... We are doing everything we can to get to the bottom of this.
Press remarks

UN Security Council meeting room Security Council welcomes the inquiry, calls for full cooperation with the probe
- Resolution 1538
- News story

Setting the record straight
UN officials address issues raised in the media

Letter by Edward Mortimer to the Editior, The Wall Street Journal, New York, 25 January 2005
Response by Edward Mortimer to New York Post Editorial "Spotlight on Kofi", New York, 21 January 2005
Letter by Shashi Tharooh to the Editor, San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco, 19 January 2005
by Edward Mortimer in the Chicago Tribune, 28 November 2004
by Edward Mortimer in The Wall Street Journal, 9 November 2004
A response from the UN to allegations made on Fox Breaking Point, 19 September 2004
by Edward Mortimer in The Wall Street Journal, 30 April 2004
- Press release on the establishment of the panel
- Inquiry's terms of reference
- Bulletin on OFFP inquiry (1 June '04)
- UN ends Oil-for-Food Programme
- Web site of the Oil-for-Food Programme