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Annan names high-level panel to propose collective action to meet new global challenges
The 16-member group of eminent persons will examine today’s international threats, provide an analysis of future challenges and recommend the changes necessary to ensure effective joint action.
Annan's letter to General Assembly President Panel's terms of reference
- Press release
Secretary-General proposes panel in General Assembly address (23 Sept. '03)

Panel members (click on name for biography)
Anand Panyarachun

Robert Badinter (France)

João Clemente Baena Soares (Brazil)

Gro Harlem Brundtland (Norway)

David Hannay (United Kingdom)

Mary Chinery-Hesse (Ghana)

Gareth Evans (Australia)

Enrique Iglesias (Uruguay)

Amre Moussa (Egypt)

Satish Nambiar (India)

Sadako Ogata (Japan)

Yevgeny Primakov (Russian Federation)

Qian Qichen (China)

Nafis Sadik (Pakistan)

Salim Ahmed Salim (Tanzania)

Brent Scowcroft (United States)