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Human Rights Council inaugural session. More photos
New Human Rights Council lays groundwork for future
This Council represents a great new chance for the United Nations, and for humanity, to renew the struggle for human rights. 
Address by Secretary-General to the Council (19 June 2006)

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Secretary-General General Assembly HRC at a glance
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  "Wise Council"
Resolution establishing the Council
GA President
Jan Eliasson

Press remarks
Human Rights   Council membership
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UN Human Rights first session: will it be business as usual, or will a new work ethic prevail? (7 July 2006)

General Assembly elects first members of new Human Rights Council (9 May 2006)
Video 1st vote, results; 2nd vote,results
Summary of meeting

View highlights of the UN General Assembly vote to create a new UN human rights body(15 Mar. 2006)
Video (statements in original languages)
Summary of meeting

UN General Assembly President Jan Eliasson unveils his draft of the Human Rights Council at a press briefing(23 Feb. 2006)

Listen to a UN Radio report on the creation of the Human Rights Council (17 Mar. 2006)