Ban Ki-moon's speeches

Press Encounter following briefing to an informal session of the General Assembly

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, UN Headquarters, 07 April 2009

Good afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen. It is a great pleasure to see you after such a while. I came back late last night.

I have just briefed the General Assembly on my visit to many countries, on many important meetings, but particularly on the G-20 Summit Meeting which was held in London.

I told the leaders of the G-20 that the world is at a tipping point. And we can tip into darkness, deepening poverty and human despair.

And I explained about my four-point priorities, which I have explained in my letter to the G-20 leaders well before the G-20 meeting. You may remember that there was a question about confirming $1 trillion. At that time, I had already sent out asking for $1 trillion to the G-20 leaders. I thought that [this would] help the most vulnerable people, at least that was my estimate. But I left it to the G-20 leaders to discuss this matter.

In between, I had informal individual bilateral contacts with many leaders, including Prime Minister Gordon Brown, as President of the G-20 Summit Meeting, and I have received quite favourable responses from the G-20 leaders. I was very much encouraged by such a strong sense of unity and solidarity by the leaders of the G-20.

I have attended many multilateral meetings of such a kind, but this was the most encouraging, most well organized, most well coordinated and where leaders expressed their strong sense of solidarity to make an early recovery from this economic crisis.

I am glad that, again, the leaders have agreed to mobilize $1.1 trillion, in addition to $5 trillion for the global stimulus package. That is very encouraging and I am very much committed to work very closely together with the G-20 leaders. The most important thing that I told to the leaders was that translating this commitment to concrete measures and concrete action will be the key.

I am going to, again, continue to discuss this matter, as Secretary-General, to represent many developing countries and I am also encouraged by the task that they asked of the United Nations to establish a Global Vulnerability Alert.

I have discussed, in depth, during my stay in Paris, where I convened the Chief Executives Board meeting, where Bretton Woods [institutions] heads, as well as all [UN] Specialized Agencies, Funds and Programmes have participated. There we agreed that we will try to establish this Vulnerability Alert before the end of June and report to the G-8 meeting.

In addition to this G-20 Summit Meeting, as you know, I have attended very important international conferences on Afghanistan twice – one in Moscow and one in The Hague. I attended the League of Arab States Summit Meeting in Doha and also the Alliance of Civilizations Meeting in Istanbul.

This is what I can brief you on, and I am ready for your questions.