Ban Ki-moon's speeches

Opening remarks at press conference with Christiana Figueres, Executive Director of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change [revised]

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Doha (Qatar), 04 December 2012

Thank you for this opportunity to discuss climate change with the media. As you know, I just spoke to the Governments that hold in their hands the power to decisively tackle climate change.

I have a clear and simple message: climate change is a growing crisis.

The window of opportunity to avoid dangerous warming is closing.

It is not too late. But our actions need to match the scale of the challenge.

Governments have agreed to keep global temperatures from rising more than 2 degrees centigrade above pre-industrial levels.

This is technically possible, and it is financially viable.

What is needed is the political will.

We must take ownership. We, collectively, are the problem. Then we should provide solutions.

Greenhouse gas emissions are the highest they have ever been.

We are in a race against time. Every delay will require greater future effort – or will mean greater future harm.

Recent years have seen growing momentum in the climate change negotiations.

We have a responsibility to sustain and accelerate momentum towards an effective, universal binding climate agreement by 2015.

I have asked Governments to focus on for five key deliverables here in Doha. I know you heard my remarks at the opening ceremony of the climate change meeting, but let me repeat very briefly for your information:

First, the adoption of a ratifiable second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol; second, progress on long-term climate finance to mobilize $100 billion dollars a year by 2020 from public and private funding; third, fully equipping the Green Climate Fund and the Climate Technology Centre and Network; fourth, demonstrating that negotiations on a global and legally binding instrument by 2015 remain on track; and fifth, closing the gap between mitigation pledges and what is required to achieve the 2 degrees target.

Climate change has been at the top of my priority agenda since I took office in 2007 for the simple reason that it affects all people, increasingly and profoundly.

If we act together with a clear purpose, we can meet this challenge. But we need to be united – governments from all regions, business and civil society.

We have a clear choice: stand together, or fall together.

Thank you very much. I will be glad to take your questions.