Ban Ki-moon's speeches

Opening remarks at press conference

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), 21 June 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen, muito obrigado.

I wanted to meet the Brazilian press, believing that it would be only fair for the Brazilian people to know how much contribution Brazil has been making to the success of the Rio+20 meeting on sustainable development.

Not only as a host Government, but also as an important member of the United Nations, Brazil has been making a great contribution and [demonstrating] leadership.

I’m very much encouraged and satisfied with the current level of the negotiations process and the hospitality which has been provided through all members of the delegations.

We are going to adopt tomorrow afternoon the outcome document as a result of the negotiations here. I am very much grateful for seminal role that Brazil has been making, and the leadership of President Dilma Rousseff and the whole team. And this is an outcome document containing very broad, but ambitious and practical, packages for sustainable development.

Ensuring the three pillars of our goals: social equity, economic development and environmental sustainability; these are three dimensions which we want to achieve and this outcome document contains many recommendations, good recommendations. What is important at this time is to implement [them].

Now is a time to implement all these recommendations which should be adopted by the world leaders. Twenty years ago, here in Rio, world leaders set us towards sustainable development.

Now much strengthened, after twenty years, the world leaders have committed themselves to put us and our succeeding generation on a much better and stronger, more sustainable path for all prosperity and humanity so that all the people can live [in] dignity, peace and harmony.

I am very committed, as the Secretary-General, to work together with the Member States to help implement these recommendations to shape the world we want. Muito obrigado.