Ban Ki-moon's speeches

Closing remarks at Istanbul II Conference on Somalia

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Istanbul (Turkey), 01 June 2012

I am very heartened by what I have heard today.

Somalia’s friends are here in force.

Many of the points I raised in my opening statement have been reinforced.

First, we reaffirmed that the Somali transition must end in August. Somalis must have broad-based and inclusive political governance.

I heard support for a secure, effective and peaceful conclusion to the transitional period by August.

I heard a common call for the Government to gain the trust of its people by extending its authority throughout the territory.

Second, we agreed that rebuilding Somalia will take long-term commitment.

I heard agreement that the present and future Somali Governments must give priority to providing basic services to people, and create inclusive institutions that its people can trust.

Third, we agreed on the need to ensure that international assistance is predictable, transparent and coordinated.

The international community has a responsibility to help Somalia reach these goals through the transition and beyond.

This can best be done when Member States have a presence on the ground. I commend our Turkish host for opening their embassy in Mogadishu.

I thank all of you who have pledged support.


I leave you with a simple message: keep your word. Speeches are only useful if they are matched by actions.

Pledges are empty if they are not backed by funds.

Promises are meaningless if they are not kept.

Let us give great meaning to this Istanbul II Conference by working for our vision of a peaceful and prosperous Somalia.

Thank you.