Ban Ki-moon's speeches

There are "3006" speeches by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Numbers "1591" to "1600" are diplayed
Remarks at a reception hosted by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Coca-Cola Company in celebration of the museum's new galleries

New York (USA) - 16 March 2012

Remarks at informal General Assembly Plenary on Global Sustainability Panel Report

General Assembly - 16 March 2012

Remarks to the special high-level meeting of ECOSOC with the Bretton Woods Institutions, the WTO and UNCTAD

Econ. & Social Council - 12 March 2012

Remarks at Security Council meeting on Changes in the Middle East

Security Council - 12 March 2012

Opening remarks to a group of journalists on Syria

UN Headquarters - 09 March 2012

Opening remarks at press conference on Millennium Development Goals

UN Headquarters - 08 March 2012

Joint announcement by the President of the General Assembly and the United Nations Secretary-General on the occasion of the International Women's Day

UN Headquarters - 08 March 2012

Message to Human Rights Council meeting on Violence and Discrimination based on Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity

Geneva (Switzerland) - 07 March 2012

Remarks at International Women's Day event: "Empower Rural Women - End Hunger and Poverty"

UN Headquarters - 07 March 2012

Opening remarks at "Equality Means Business: Gender Equality For Sustainable Business" [As prepared for delivery]

UN Headquarters - 06 March 2012