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UN responds to crisis in Syria

Winter in Syria is as hard as it is in Europe, the difference between in Europe and in Syria is that people are now sitting after a 7-year war, longer than the second World War, they have little, if no, reserves, they have no heat in the house, they live in a ruin, it will be a horrific winter.

Jan Egeland, Special Advisor to UN Special Envoy for Syria, in remarks to the press, 9 Nov. '17

Central African Republic

UN provides aid to the thousands displaced in the country

Refugees and Migrants

UN works with countries to ease the plight of refugees and migrants

Middle East

UN and partners work for peace in the region


UN works to assist country in crisis


UN takes quick action in response to latest developments


UN helps to promote national reconciliation, development

UN and Counter-Terrorism

International community responds to threat


UN works for peaceful resolution of crisis, respect for human rights

Sudan & South Sudan

UN responds to the latest developments in the countries

Democratic Republic of Congo

UN helps to promote political and economic stability


UN helps to advance peace and development


UN assists in rebuilding process


UN takes steps to address Mali crisis

DPR of Korea

UN reacts to tensions on the Korean Peninsula

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