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5 Dec 2014

Africa embraces mobile app health revolution By Ying M. Zhao-Hiemann

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    20 Nov 2013

    On ICT Index of the ‘Information Society’, Africa lags behind By André-Michel Essoungou

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    19 Jul 2013

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    11 Apr 2013

    The sight of teenagers selling mushrooms using mobile phones is becoming a familiar one in rural...

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    11 Apr 2013

    In a tiny sweltering tin-roofed shack tucked inside one of Mogadishu’s bullet-riddled...

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    The country that gave the world two groundbreaking innovations in technology: M-Pesa, a mobile...

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    15 Apr 2012

    Mobile phones are getting smarter in rural AfricaEvery phone can become a “mobile computing device”

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    15 Dec 2010

    More and more Africans are using mobile technologies to access social media tools on the Internet....

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    15 Apr 2010

    Kenyan software a tool for political participation