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  1. Building peace in West Africa

    ... elements - the armed groups, the mercenaries - were able to join the fray in Côte d'Ivoire. So we are advocating strongly that a ...

    web.ar - 9 Apr 2014

  2. The world reflects on Rwanda genocide

    ... but also against those from the Hutu majority who refused to join in the slaughter or belonged to opposition parties. The genocide was ...

    web.ar - 9 Apr 2014

  3. Pan-African Parliament now a reality

    ... the 13 February meeting. Angola indicated its readiness to join the following day, during a meeting of NEPAD's heads of state ...

    web.ar - 9 Apr 2014

  4. Africa Briefs

    ... Paulo, the 44 countries urged other developing nations to join the talks, which are aimed at reducing tariffs among participants. China ...

    web.ar - 2 Apr 2014

  5. Africa Watch

    ... Angola and Lesotho have also signalled their intention to join. LEAST DEVELOPED Strong growth amid poverty The world's ...

    web.ar - 2 Apr 2014

  6. Zambian businesses grapple with AIDS

    ... solved." To insure that infected employees agree to join such efforts, the policies that companies have put in place so far all ...

    web.ar - 2 Apr 2014

  7. Civil society engages African plan

    ... the African Union (AU) and within the framework of NEPAD, to join the fight against HIV/AIDS and to promote "the cause of women towards ...

    web.ar - 1 Apr 2014

  8. Sexual violence, an 'invisible war crime'

    ... in that they were compelled against their will to join the armed forces, and today they are victimized by society for having ...

    web.ar - 28 Mar 2014

  9. Africa flies on a wing and a prayer

    ... to the African Development Bank, about 700 million will join the middle class over the next decades. This burgeoning middle class will ...

    web.ar - 25 Mar 2014

  10. Despite climate change, Africa can feed Africa

    ... that policy makers in agriculture and the environment join forces with civil society and non-governmental organizations to consider ...

    web.ar - 24 Mar 2014